Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Snapshot: Mail Call!

Saturday Snapshot is a weekly meme hosted by Alyce at At Home With Books.
It's always fun to see what people are sharing! Thanks for hosting, Alyce.

This week I am featuring a couple of quick pics of some of my Christmas gifts and their result... I received two beautiful sets of notecards this year, one from my aunt and one from my husband. They both know that I love correspondence and all of its accompanying paraphernalia. 

And in response, of course I had to use some right away, to send thank-you notes and overdue Christmas letters! 

I had fun decorating the envelopes and getting them ready to send off. In the process I also discovered an entire cache of stamps that I'd forgotten I had! All the more writing to do...

What about you? Do you still write snail mail letters? Do you enjoy getting mail? 

If you are an enthusiast, you might also want to consider joining my Postal Reading Challenge that I've started this year. Reading about letters and writing some too, that sounds like a good year to me :)


  1. Nice!
    I didn`t get any new correspondence paper for Christmas, but I found a nice little stack of notepaper when tidying up this morning, and I know I have a cache of postcards.
    Time to get busy writing!

  2. I love receiving letters, but I can't remember the last one I received....Must have been from my grandmother and she passed away years ago.

    my Saturday Snapshot.
    I hope you will stop by! And Happy New Year!

  3. You have reminded me that I have a few thank you letters to do.

  4. Oh, I love writing letters, too - I think it's a real shame that it is becoming less common. There's nothing like getting a personal note in the mail to brighten a day!

    And thanks for reminding me it's time to write thank you notes!


    Book By Book

  5. I love Peacocks! The cards are beautiful!

  6. I like your colorful note cards.

    Our notes are with pasted photos,recent and past, from our own small photo library.

    Cheri and write a Christmas letter every year with photos.

  7. Those are gorgeous cards! And I too needed the reminder to send out thank you notes. :)

  8. I don't send many snail mail letters, but I do send thank you notes. Your note cards are gorgeous!

  9. Very nice! I used to send very long letters to friends and family, but haven't in years.
    My SS

  10. I love getting note cards and still do write notes to my mother. She is getting on in years and values having a letter in hand. She will read my notes and letters over and over ...

  11. Note cards are a great gift idea. When I was younger I collected all kinds of notecards and over the years I've slowly used them all. I'd love some more and am sure I'd spend more time writing rather than emailing. Here's Mine

  12. Shonna - time to get writing, indeed! Postcards can be so nice to use, as well -- I have some vintage ones that are so lovely I've been reluctant to write on them!

    Deb - yes, my Gran was my most faithful correspondent, too. I have a lot of her old letters tucked away to reread when I'm especially missing her.

    Ginx & Sue - it's a good time of year to use new stationery, what with all the thank you notes!

    Frances - aren't they beautiful? My husband has good taste in notepaper :)

  13. Edgar, what a nice idea to send a Christmas letter with photo. I usually get one like that from my cousin and how the kids have grown every year never fails to surprise!

    Alyce & Bermuda Onion - I'm so lucky to have so many nice sets of cards and notepapers. Another incentive to use them!

    Vicki - I used to write loads of letters, to friends and family and to penpals too. I want to get back into the habit this year, as much as I can.

    Susan - I find that having letters to reread is something very special, it's so wonderful that you send notes to your mother for her to have something tangible to keep you near!

    Paulita - it's true that having nice writing paper makes you want to use it!

  14. Your cards look very lovely! I wrote a few thank you cards today myself. :)

  15. oh oh oh! i love that idea! I too collect beautiful stationery ~ love the concept and actual writing of a letter! Off to check out your challenge now!

  16. I only write Christmas letters and cards these days. Facebook, texting and email have changed the way I keep in touch with family and friends completely.
    Although I still like to send postcards when I'm on holidays.
    Your letters look so much more inviting than those ones with the windows in them!!

  17. Lovely cards! I love getting snail mail and correspond with a couple of bloggers/readers and also belong to Postcrossing, so I am always on the lookout for nice stationary and postcards (as a matter of fact have just done a little postcards ordering to replenish my supplies!). If you ever want to get a postcard from Nebraska just drop me an email with your address! :)

  18. The notecards are beautiful! I am way behind on thank you notes, not just for holiday presents but also for my twins' birthday party. They opened a couple of gifts without my knowing and now I have no idea who it's from!

  19. I love cards, notelets and postcards. I try to remember to send them to people, just to say hi now and again, and hope to be a better correspondent this year.

  20. Those are absolutely gorgeous, especially the peacock ones!

  21. These are so lovely. I use to have several penpals beginning when I was about 10 years old. One is still on my annual Christmas list 40+ years later.

  22. The peacock note cards are so pretty. I rarely hand write cards anymore. Social media, email and inexpensive phone rates make it too easy not to and still be able to stay in touch.

  23. Lovely cards....ENJOY!!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  24. I am such a paper and note card addict. Your new note card set is gorgeous. And I love sending and receiving mail!

  25. Suko- thanks, and hope you're getting busy with those notes! :)

    Stacy - glad to find another letter writing enthusiast! Hope you will consider joining us for the Challenge

    Brona - yes, I think Christmas cards and travel postcards are the majority of mail that most people send these days. I'm trying to get back to sending letters at other times as well, as much as possible, that is!

    Danielle - how lovely! I keep meaning to check out may just be getting an email from me soon ;)

    MoK - oh no! Hope you get those gifts sorted out - I have to write mine down as I open them or I get mixed up, I can't imagine having two excited girls getting ahead of my records -- good luck!

  26. Christine - I agree, sending a note is such a nice way to keep in touch. I'm trying to write more this year, and this is my first batch to be sent out!

    Ana - thanks, I love them. I seem to have been gathering up some peacock themed items this year. I wonder what it could mean?!

    Diane - how lovely that you still write to one of your penpals! I had many for quite a long time, I've lost touch with some, and am now friends with the others on Facebook! Not quite so romantic as letters somehow ;)

    Leslie - exactly. I'm trying to maintain my letter writing despite all the other ways I keep in touch. I'll see how it goes!

    Elizabeth - thank you!

    Quixotic Magpie - I'm a real paper addict as well, and thought I'd better get back to writing and use some of it up! I enjoy the process of picking out the paper and the pen and the right stamp, and so on and so on.


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