Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy Ukrainian Christmas!

Just one of the joys of being part Ukrainian is being able to extend the holiday season...
I wish you all happiness and joy on this Christmas Eve, and hope that you will be eating and enjoying yourself as much as I will be. The traditional Christmas Eve meal is a meatless one (except for fish), 
very handy for this long-time vegetarian :)

З Різдвом Христовим!


  1. Lovely, joyful picture! Happy Ukrainian Christmas--enjoy!!

  2. And a happy Ukrainian Christmas to you, too!
    I miss the perohy and holoptsi, being so far from "home" as I am.
    Here is a classic, for you:

  3. Suko - thank you! It is a joyful time.

    Cip - hope you will treat yourself to some perohy anyhow - I'm being lazy and bought some! And thank you so much for your link, I am laughing so much right now :)


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