Classics Club

To join in with the Classics Club, the parameters are easy: make a master list of 50 (or more) classic titles you mean to read within the next 5 years. Then, if you like, you can play along with many of their challenges and events, and share your reviews, all optional.

I've been following along at their blog and via twitter for some time now, so I've decided to officially join in. It's great to read classics alongside all the new books, and this will be a good way to remind myself to keep that variety in my own reading!

So, here is my Master List:

Classics Club Master List

50 Classics I intend to read between March 15, 2017 and March 15, 2022

1. My Brilliant Career / Miles Franklin
2. My Career Goes Bung / Miles Franklin
3. But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes / Anita Loos
4. Sofia Petrovna / Lydia Chukovskaya
5. Children of my Heart / Gabrielle Roy
6. The Road Past Altamont / Gabrielle Roy
7. Garden in the Wind / Gabrielle Roy
8. Les Belles Images / Simone de Beauvoir
9. Mrs Caliban / Rachel Ingalls
10. The Voyage Out / Virginia Woolf
11. Cold Comfort Farm / Stella Gibbons
12. House of Mirth / Edith Wharton
13. Age Of Innocence / Edith Wharton
14. I, Mary Maclane / Mary Maclane
15. Up the Hill & Over / Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
16. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn / Betty Smith
17. The House of Windows / Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
18. The Custom of the Country / Edith Wharton
19. The Heart is A Lonely Hunter / Carson McCullers
20. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / Anita Loos
21. The Rector's Daughter / FM Mayor
22. The Ten Thousand Things / Maria Dermout
23. The Garden Party / Katherine Mansfield
24. Mrs. Dalloway / Virginia Woolf 
25. The Diviners / Margaret Laurence
26. The Tin Flute / Gabrielle Roy
27. The Return of the Soldier / Rebecca West
28. The Visits of Elizabeth / Elinor Glyn
29. The Summer Book / Tove Jansson
30. Jenny / Sigrid Undset  
31. Jane & Prudence / Barbara Pym
32. An Avenue of Stone / Pamela Hansford Johnson
33. Offshore / Penelope Fitzgerald
34. House on Mango Street / Sandra Cisneros
35. A Favourite of the Gods / Sybille Bedford 
36. Olivia / by Olivia 
37. A Game of Hide and Seek / Elizabeth Taylor
38. Cold Comfort Farm / Stella Gibbons
39. An Avenue of Stone / Pamela Hansford Johnson
40. The Innocents / Margery Sharp
41. The Years / Virginia Woolf
42. What's It Like Out? / Penelope Gilliatt
43. The Master Key / Masako Togawa
44. Night & Day / Virginia Woolf
45. To The Lighthouse / Virginia Woolf 
46. Bear / Marian Engel
47. The Winds of Heaven / Monica Dickens
48. The Women of Brewster Place / Gloria Naylor
49. Ceremony / Leslie Marmon Silko
50. Glimspes of the Moon / Edith Wharton


  1. It isn't on my list, but I'm also MOST INTRIGUED to read Kristin Lavransdatter. I have heard good things. :)

    1. Sorry to butt in an answer here, but I've read 2 of the 3, and it's so good. So unique (as I have not read anything written in that place and period). It became popular when it was translated for a second time by Tina Nunnally, having only been translated (and chopped in parts) earlier, in the 1920's, without some parts of it, and in archaic English in an effort to make it correspond to the 14th century of the novel's setting.

    2. The trilogy was written in the 1920's too, but is set in Norway in the 14 hundreds, medieval times.

    3. I have the Tina Nunnally all-in-one edition and I'm really eager to read it!


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