Sunday, July 07, 2019

Madwoman Upstairs

The Madwoman Upstairs / Catherine Lowell
New York: Touchstone, 2016.
368 p.
This was a random book I found on my library's bookshelves while I was pulling books for another purpose entirely the other day. I looked at it and thought, how did I miss this? The Brontes, academia and literary scavenger hunts, and quirky romantic storytelling? It's for me! 

So I brought it home and read it in a day. It was entertaining, funny, and a good escapist read. On reflection I can think of a bunch of problems with it -- the narrator is a bit of a pill, the scavenger hunt isn't really a hunt, and the romance has major issues in it, mainly that it's a teacher/student one. 

But I enjoyed reading it. It was fun, often predictable plot-wise, but a quick, clever, engaging read that has me wanting to reread Jane Eyre and try out some of Anne Bronte's usually overlooked novels. The part of this book I enjoyed most was the discussion of the Brontes, and the floating of some theories about their family and their writing, and the strong opposition from the main character to the idea that their belongings will illuminate anything about them. (funnily enough, the book that Goodreads recommended to me alongside this title was an academic look at exactly that topic!) 

As to the story itself: Samantha Whipple is apparently the last remaining descendant of the Bronte family. Somehow she gets into Oxford, and is put into a creepy tower room. Her tutor is a shockingly young and good looking man who is also completely sarcastic and overbearing in a British, curmudgeonly way. Of course you know that he's going to be the romantic lead right away -- why else would they be so rude to one another immediately (definitely a trope that needs to be retired). 

He's also connected to Samantha in ways that she doesn't figure out until the end, although the reader will have figured it out long before. There are complications in Samantha's past; her mother left her family when Sam was young, and she was then raised by her complicated, drunken writer of a father. Homeschooled too, which adds to her social awkwardness. Though I didn't really buy her character, it felt constructed rather than organic. 

In any case, she has to figure out the apparent Bronte legacy that she's been left, and figure out her life in general. I really loved the Oxford and Bronte bits, liked the backstory, and wanted to like the romance. Alas, the fact that he was her tutor ruined it for me in this contemporary setting. The reflection of Jane and Rochester was clear but the setup doesn't carry over to the modern world, at least not for me. 

Still, I had a lot of fun reading this, and am now interested in looking up some Bronte scholarship to see what she made up and what she pulled from current theory. It was entertaining and amusing, which was just what I needed from it. 

Friday, July 05, 2019

12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge: the Final & Complete Roundup!

It's the end of the 12th Challenge! This year we have read a huge variety of books.

Here is a quick statistical roundup for all the numbers geeks :)

Together we read a total of 432 different authors. Within all of these authors, we have a total of 572 different titles. There aren't very many repeat reviews for those titles either!

The author who had the highest number of reviews overall, at 16, was Louise Penny. She was tied with LM Montgomery with the most titles read, which was 10 for each. 

The first author to have had more than one title reviewed was Jeff Lemire.

The first title to be reviewed more than once was Vi by Kim Thuy.

The title that had the most individual reviews was An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim, with 6.

And looking at the alphabet, we have authors that represent every letter of the alphabet, except for X...which is always a tough one to find :)

So our total review count for the 12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge is 624 reviews

And the complete number of reviews shared in the twelve years of Canadian Book Challenge reading is 8,922!

Now on to the reviews!

Ace, Cathy
-Corpse with the Silver Tongue (Teena)
-Corpse with the Golden Nose (Teena)
-Corpse with the Emerald Thumb (Teena)

Acheson, Alison
-A Little House in a Big Place (Irene)

Al Rabeeah, Abu Bakr & Winnie Yeung
-Homes (Irene)

Alexis, André
-Fifteen Dogs (Rob)

Alfano, Michelle
-The Unfinished Dollhouse (Teena)

Allen, Grant
-Miss Cayley's Adventures (Brian Busby)
-An Army Doctor's Romance (Brian Busby)

Aloian, Molly
-Cultural Traditions in Canada (Irene)
-Remembrance Day (Irene)

Anderson, Laurie Halse & Emily Carroll
-Speak (John Mutford)

Andra-Warner, Elle
-Robert Service (RIEDEL Fascination)

Andrasofszky, Kalman & Leonard Kirk
-Captain Canuck Aleph (John Mutford)

Anstey, Cindy
-Carols & Chaos (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Armstrong, Kelley
-Watcher in the Woods (Luanne)
-City of the Lost (Cath)

Atwood, Margaret
-Blind Assassin (Mary R.)
-The Handmaid's Tale (Reese)
-Penelopiad (Eric P)

Aubert, Rosemary
-Free Reign (TracyK)

Auger, Wendy Frood
-10 Drowsy Dinosaurs (RIEDEL Fascination)

Bach, Mette
-Cinders (Teena)
-Charming (Teena)
-You're You (Teena)

Bailey, Don & Bob Hilderley 
-Best Canadian Christmas Stories (Irene)

Bailey, Linda & Julia Sarda
-Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein (Jo)

Baker, Keith
-Lunenburg (Teena)

Bala, Sharon
-The Boat People (Red 5)

Barbeau, Melissa
-The Luminous Sea (Naomi)

Barbeau-Lavalette, Anaïs
-Suzanne (Melwyk, Irene)

Barclay, Linwood
-Bad Move (Mary R)

Barnes, Mike
-Be With (Irene)

Barr, Robert
-The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont (Brian Busby)

Bass, Karen
-Two Times a Traitor (Puss Reboots)

Bates, Larry
-Beat the Bank (Irene)

Bates, Ronald
-The Wandering World (Reese)

Battistone, Christa
-Simply Delicious, Deliciously Simple (Irene Roth)

Bellow, Saul
-Dangling Man (Reese)

Bender, Rebecca
-Giraffe and Bird Together Again (Shonna)

Benison, CC
-Death At Buckingham Palace (RIEDEL Fascination)
-Ten Lords A Leaping (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Berg, Ron (illus.)
-The Owl & the Pussycat (RIEDEL Fascination)

Bertin, Johanna
-Don Messer (Teena)

Bertin, Leonard
-Target 2067 (Brian Busby)

Betts, Amanda
-In Flanders Fields (Irene)

Bezmogis, David
-Immigrant City (Eric P)

Bhathena, Tanaz
-The Beauty of the Moment (PussReboots)

Bidini, Dave
-Midnight Light (John Mutford, Irene)

Bird, Kate
-Vancouver in the Seventies (Eric)

Birney, Earle
-Turvey (Leaves & Pages)

Bischoff, Theanna
-Left (Teena)
-Swallow (Teena)

Blais, Francois
-Document 1 (Reese)

Blais, Marie-Claire
-A Season in the Life of Emmanuel (Buried in Print)
-Mad Shadows (Buried in Print)
-The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange (Buried In Print)
-St. Lawrence Blues (Buried in Print)
-Nights in the Underground (Buried in Print)

Bonner, Margerie
-The Shapes that Creep (Brian Busby)

Boone, Ezekiel
-Zero Day (Darlene)
-The Mansion (Luanne)

Boothby, Ian & Nina Matsumoto
-Sparks! (John Mutford)

Bouchet, David
-Sun of a Distant Land (Eric)

Bourgeois, Paulette
-Franklin's Neighbourhood (RIEDEL Fascination)

Bow, James
-Canadian Structures & Sustainability (Irene)

Bowen, Gail
-A Colder Kind of Death (TracyK)
-A Killing Spring (RIEDEL Fascination)

Bowers, Vivian
-British Columbia (Irene)

Bowling, Tim
-The Tinsmith (Shonna)

Boyagoda, Randy
-Original Prin (Reese)

Bradley, Alan
-The Grave's A Fine & Private Place (Wendy/Kentworld)
-As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (Read Warbler)
-The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag (Red 5)
-The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Melwyk, PussReboots, Mary R)
-A Red Herring Without Mustard (Irene)

Brand, Dionne
-Theory (Irene)

Brenna, Beverley
-Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life (Shonna)

Bronskill, Jim & Dave McKie
-Your Right to Privacy (Irene)

Brown, Calef
-Hypnotize a Tiger (Mary R)

Brown, Ron
-Canada's World Wonders (Irene)

Buck, Wilfred
-Tipiskawi Kisik: Night Sky Star Stories (John Mutford)

Buell, John
-Playground (Leaves & Pages)

Buist, Ron
-Tales From Under the Rim (Teena)

Bunney, Gail
-Heart of a Horse (RIEDEL Fascination)

Burden, Arnold
-The Dramatic Life of a Country Doctor (Teena)

Burford-Mason, Aileen
-Eat Well, Age Better (Irene)

Burn, KC
-Tartan Candy (Darlene)

Burrows, Steve
-A Tiding of Magpies (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Busby, Brian
-The Dusty Bookcase (TracyK)

Calvert, Kathy
-Ya Ha Tinda (Irene)

Cameron, Susan
-These Four Walls (Irene)

Campbell, Kumari
-Prince Edward Island (Irene)

Campbell, Melodie
-The B-Team (Bill Selnes)

Carlucci, Paul
-High-Rise in Fort Fierce (Naomi)

Casey, Quentin
-The Sea Was in Their Blood (Irene)

Chapman, Brenda
-Turning Secrets (Teena)

Charleyboy, Lisa & Mary Beth Leatherdale
-Not Your Princess (Irene Roth)

Choyce, Lesley
-Peggy's Cove (Teena)

Chretien, Jean
-My Stories, My Times (Irene)

Christensen, Julia
-No Home in a Homeland (John Mutford)

Clark, Michael J.
-Clean Sweep (Shonna)

Clarkson, Adrienne
-A Lover More Condoling (Brian Busby)

Clewes, Rosemary
-The Woman Who Went to the Moon (John Mutford)

Cody, H.A.
-The Girl At Bullet Lake (Brian Busby)

Cohen, Leonard
-The Flame (Irene)

Collins, Carolyn Strom & Christina Wyss Eriksson
-The Anne of Green Gables Christmas Treasury (Red5)

Comer, Valerie
-Sown in Love (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Compton, Wade
-The Outer Harbour (Eric)

Conner, Jennifer
-The Empress of Ireland (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Cook, Eileen
-One Lie Too Many (PussReboots)
-You Owe Me a Murder (PussReboots)

Cooley, Brian
-Make-a-Saurus (PussReboots)

Cooper, Paige
-Zolitude (Nancy)

Coren, Michael
-Epiphany (Irene)

Côté, Véronique & Steve Gagnon
-I Never Talk About It (Melwyk)

Cotter, Charis
-Ghost Road (PussReboots)

Coulter, Myrl
-The Left Handed Dinner Party (Reese)

Coupland, Douglas
-Terry (Gord, Teena)
-Bit Rot (Gord)

Creasey, Eleanor
-On Remembrance Day (Irene)

Crewe, Lesley
-Relative Happiness (Teena)

Critch, Mark
-Son of a Critch (TeenaIrene)

Crozier, Lorna
-So Many Babies (Irene)
-Lots of Kisses (Irene)

Curtis, Andrea
-Eat this! (Irene)

Curtis, Sky
-Flush (Irene)

Curtis, Wayne
-Sleigh Tracks in New Snow (Lisa)

Cushing, E.L.
-Murder's No Picnic (Brian Busby)
-Maid At Arms (Brian Busby)

Czajkowski, Chris
-Cabin at Singing River (Leaves & Pages)

Davidson, Craig
-The Saturday Night Ghost Club (Luanne, Melwyk, Irene)
-Cataract City (Irene)
-Precious Cargo (Irene)

Dawn, Amber
-Sodom Road Exit (PussReboots)

Del Rizzo, Suzanne
-My Beautiful Birds (PussReboots)

Delany, Vicky
-White Sand Blues (Jo)
-Elementary, She Read (PussReboots)
-Body on Baker Street (PussReboots)
-Cat of the Baskervilles (PussReboots)
-A Scandal in Scarlet (PussReboots)

Demers, Charles
-Property Values (Rob)

Desjardins, Martine
-The Green Chamber (Melwyk)
-Maleficium (Naomi)

Denbok, Leah
-Nowhere to Call Home (Luanne)

Dewitt, Patrick
-Sisters Brothers (Irene, Rob)
-French Exit (Nancy, Mary R.)

Dickinson, Terence
-Exploring the Sky by Day (Irene)

Diespecker, Dick
-Rebound (Brian Busby)

Dimaline, Cherie
-The Marrow Thieves (Red 5, Swordsman, Naomi)

Dixon, Joan
-Extreme Canadian Weather (RIEDEL Fascination)

Donahue, Anne T.
-Nobody Cares (Irene)

Donoghue, Emma
-The Lotteries, More or Less (PussReboots)

Douglas, Ann
-Happy Parents, Happy Kids (Irene)

Downie, Gord & Jeff Lemire 
-Secret Path (Red 5)

Doyle, Alan
-Where I Belong (John Mutford)

Dumont, Dawn
-Glass Beads (Melwyk, Irene)

Dupont, Eric
-Songs for the Cold of Heart (Buried in Print)

Edugyan, Esi
-Washington Black (Nancy, Mary R)
-Half Blood Blues (Gord, Mary R)

Elliott, Zetta & Aaron Boyd
-Melena's Jubilee (Puss Reboots)
-Dragons in a Bag (Puss Reboots)

Epp, Darrell
-After Hours (Irene)

Fagan, Cary
-The Hollow Under the Tree (Puss Reboots)
-Mr. Zinger's Hat (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Faker, Sarah
-All Beauty is Now (Irene)

Farkas, Endre
-Never, Again (Reese)

Farmer, Bonnie & Marie Lafrance
-Oscar Lives Next Door (Puss Reboots)

Fear, Jan & Chris Masterman
-Flash from the past (Irene Roth)

Feehan, Mike & Mark Russell
-The Snagglepuss Chronicles (John Mutford)

Fenwick, Frances de Wolfe
-The Arch-Satirist (Brian Busby)

Ferguson, Jenny
-Border Markers (PussReboots)

Fernandes, Eugenie
-Kitten's Spring (Irene)

Fielding, Joy
-All the Wrong Places (Luanne)

Fishbane, Melanie 
-Maud (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Flanders, Cait
-Year of Less (Melwyk, Teena, Red5)

Foran, Jill
-Christmas (Irene Roth)

Forrest, John
-Home For Christmas (Red5)

Foster, Amy S.
-When Autumn Leaves (Mary R)

Fowles, Stacy May & Jen Sookfong Lee
-Whatever Gets You Through (Irene)

Fraser, Nancy Wickware
-Mysterious Brockville (RIEDEL Fascination)

Fraser, Tatiana & Caia Hagel
-Girl Positive (Irene)

French, Whitney
-Black Writers Matter (Irene)

Galat, Joan Marie & Georgia Graham
-Stories in the Sky (Irene Roth)

Garcia, Emilio Jose & Samantha Kristoferson
-Recipe for an Extraordinary Life (Irene)

Gardner, Whitney
-Chaotic Good (Melwyk)
-Fake Blood (John Mutford)

Gates, Eva
-Spook in the Stacks (Puss Reboots)

George, Kallie
-The Enchanted Egg (Puss Reboots)
-The Missing Magic (Puss Reboots)
-Heartwood Hotel (PussReboots)

Golliger, Gabriella
-Girl Unwrapped (Reese)

Graham, Genevieve
-Come From Away (Red 5, Naomi, Shonna, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Tides of Honour (Red 5)
-Promises to Keep (Red 5)
-Under the Same Sky (Red 5)
-Sound of the Heart (Red 5)
-At The Mountain's Edge (Luanne, Red 5)

Grainger, Gennifer
-From the Vault (Irene)

Grant, Shauntay & Eva Campbell
-Africville (John Mutford)

Gravel, Elise
-The Mushroom Fan Club (John Mutford)

Gray, John
-Billy Bishop Goes to War (Eric)

Greene, Elizabeth
-A Season Among Psychics (Melwyk)

Grover, Ione
-No Matter What Happens (Irene)
-Book of Blessence (Irene)

Grudova, Camilla
-The Doll's Alphabet (Eric P)

Hague, Tim
-Perseverance (Irene)

Halton, Carissa
-Little Yellow House (Irene)

Hamilton, Ian
-The Water Rat of Wanchai (TraceyK)

Hamilton, Jamie
-Quebec (Irene)

Hampton, Ian
-Jan in 35 Pieces (Irene)

Hancock, Lyn
-Yukon (Irene)

Hancock, Pat & Mark Thurman
-Creatures of the Night (RIEDEL Fascination)

Harding, Robyn
-Her Pretty Face (Luanne)

Harmer, Liz
-The Amateurs (Melwyk)

Harrison, A.S.A.
-The Silent Wife (Patricia)

Harwood, Clarissa
-Bear No Malice (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Impossible Saints (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Hay, Elizabeth
-Garbo Laughs (Irene)
-Alone in the Classroom (Irene)
-His Whole Life (Irene, Shonna)

Haynes, Michael
-The Great Trail (Irene)

Healey, Emma
-Stereoblind (Eric P)

Hébert, Anne
-Am I Disturbing You? (Melwyk)
-Torrent & Other Stories (Buried in Print)

Hebscher, Mark
-The Greatest Athlete (Irene)

Helmer, Marilyn & Laura Watson
-Three Barnyard Tales (RIEDEL Fascination)

Hémon, Louis
-Maria Chapdelaine (Buried in Print)

Heras, Theo & Alice Carter
-Our New Kittens (Shonna)

Hertrich, Edward
-Wasted Time (Irene)

Heti, Sheila
-Motherhood (Irene)

Hicks, Faith Erin
-The Divided Earth (PussReboots)
-Comics Will Break Your Heart (PussReboots)
-Avatar: the Last Airbender: Imbalance (PussReboots)

Hill, Gord
-The Antifa Comic Book (John Mutford)

Ho, Van & Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
-Too Young to Escape (Shonna)

Hopkinson, Nalo
-The New Moon's Arms (Mary R.)

Horvath, Polly
-Very Rich (PussReboots)

Howarth, Jerry
-Hello Friends! (Teena, Gord)

Hudak, Heather
-Fall Fairs (Irene)
-Family Day (Irene)
-Remembrance Day (Irene)
-Pride Festivals (Irene)
-National Indigenous Peoples Day (Irene)
-Thanksgiving (Irene)
-Dene First Nations (Irene)

Hughes, Alison
-The Cold Little Voice (Irene)

Humphreys, C.C.
-Chasing the Wind (Gord)

Huston, Nancy
-Slow Emergencies (Melwyk)

Hutchins, Hazel & Gail Herbert
-Anna at the Art Museum (Jo)

Hutton, Jack & Linda Jackson-Hutton
-Lucy Maud Montgomery & Bala (Melwyk)

Hynes, Joel Thomas
-We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night (Irene)

Itani, Frances
-Deafening (Red 5)

Janes, J. Robert
-Salamander (TracyK)

Janzen, Rhoda
-Mennonite Meets Mr. Right (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Jarratt, Melynda
-Captured Hearts: New Brunswick's War Brides (Teena)

Jenkins, Steve, Derek Walters & Caprice Crane 
-Happily Ever Esther (John Mutford, Teena)

Jessome, Phonse
-Disposable Souls (Teena)
-Murder at McDonalds (Teena)
-Somebody's Daughter (Teena)

Jewell, Sara
-Field Notes (Teena)

Johns, Chris
-A Taste of Prince Edward Island (Irene)

Johnson, Harold
-Corvus (Melwyk)
-Clifford (Irene)

Johnson, Tyrell
-Wolves of Winter (TracyK)

Jolly, B. Denham
-In The Black (Irene)

Joseph, Bob
-21 Things You May Not Know about the Indian Act (Shonna)

Kamal, Sheena
-It All Falls Down (Harvee)
-The Lost Ones (Harvee)

Kaufmann, Michael
-The Time Has Come (Irene)

Kearsley, Susannah
-Bellewether (Red 5, PussReboots)
-Mariana (Red 5)
-The Splendour Falls (Red 5)

Kelley, Thomas P.
-The Black Donnellys (Brian Busby)

Kennedy, Roberta (Kung Jaadee)
-Raven's Feast (Irene Roth)

Kerbel, Deborah & Suzanne Del Rizzo
-Before You Were Born (Shonna)

Kessler, Karl & Sunshine Chen
-Overtime (Irene)

Kimmel, Fran
-No Good Asking (Luanne)

King, Basil
-The Empty Sack (Brian Busby)
-The Thread of Flame (Brian Busby)
-The Dust Flower (Brian Busby)
-The Good Doctor (Brian Busby)

King, Thomas
-Coyote Tales (Jo)

Klassen, Jon & Mac Barnett
-Circle (PussReboots)

Klein, Michael
-Dissident Doctor (Irene)

Kooser, Ted & Jon Klassen
-A House Held Up By Trees (Puss Reboots)

Korman, Gordon
-Whatshisface (Pussreboots)
-Restart (Pussreboots)
-The Unteachables (PussReboots)

Kulling, Monica
-Dr. Jo (Jo)

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
-Prince Pot (Irene)

Lafferty, Catherine
-Northern Wildflower (John Mutford)

Laforme, Chief R. Stacey
-Living in the Tall Grass (John Mutford)

Laidlaw, Rob
-Cat Champions (Teena)

Lalli, Sonya
-Matchmaker's List (Luanne, Teena)

Lambert, Ann
-The Birds That Stay (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Lapeña, Shari
-An Unwanted Guest (Luanne, Lisa)

LaPierre, Margo
-Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes (Shonna)

Laukkanen, Owen
-Deception Cove (Teena)

Laurence, Margaret
-The Stone Angel (PussReboots)

Lawlor, Allison
-Broken Pieces (Irene Roth)

Lawrence, Margaret
-Letters to Baruch (Shonna)

Leach, Sara
-Slug Days (Puss Reboots)

Legrow, Christine & Shirley A. Scott
-Saltwater Mittens (Irene)

Lemelin, Roger
-The Town Below (Buried in Print)
-The Plouffe Family (Buried in Print)

Lemire, Jeff & Dean Ormondston
-Black Hammer: Age of Doom (PussReboots)

Lemire, Jeff, Lewis LaRosa & Mico Suayan
-Bloodshot Salvation (John Mutford)

Lemire, Jeff
-Sherlock Frankenstein (Puss Reboots)
-Roughneck (John Mutford)

Lepp, Royden
-Rust: Soul in the Machine (Puss Reboots)

Leroux, Catherine
-Madame Victoria (Naomi)

Leung, Carrianne 
-That Time I Loved You (Naomi)

Léveillé-Trudel, Juliana
-Nirliit (Melwyk)

Lewis, Robert
-Power, Prime Ministers and the Press (Irene)

Lilley, Joanna
-The Birthday Books (John Mutford)

Lim, Thea
-An Ocean of Minutes (Mary R., Nancy, Melwyk, Irene, Gord, PussReboots)

Lin, Hartley
-Young Frances (Puss Reboots)

Little, Jean
-Different Dragons (RIEDEL Fascination)

Locke, Kevin
-Dawn Flight (Irene Roth)

Loney, Bretton
-The Last Hockey Player (Teena)

Lovett-Reid, Patricia
-Get Real (Irene)

Lye, Harriet Alida
-The Honey Farm (Naomi)

Macdonald, Frankie & Sarah Sawler
-Be Prepared! (Teena)

MacIntyre, Linden
-The Bishop's Man (Wendy/Kentworld)

Mackay, Claire
-Exit Barney McGee (Brian Busby)

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone
-Blencarrow (Brian Busby)
-House of Windows (Melwyk)
-Up the Hill & Over (Melwyk)

MacKenzie, Lily Iona
-Divine Comedy (Harvee)

Maclear, Kyo
-Bloom (Irene Roth)

MacLeod, Elizabeth
-Meet Viola Desmond (Irene)

MacMillan, Gail
-Ghost of Winters Past (John Mutford)

Mah, Melanie
-The Sweetest One (Irene)

Maharaj, Rabindrinath
-Adjacentland (Eric)

Manguel, Alberto
-Packing My Library (Rob)
-Canadian Mystery Stories (Brian Busby)

Manzer, Jenny
-My Life as a Diamond (Puss Reboots)

Mapa, Lorina
-Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, & Me (John Mutford)

Marais, Bianca
-Hum If You Don't Know the Words (Shonna)

Marquardt, Tina
-Stray (Luanne)

Marston, Alan
-Strange Desires (Brian Busby)

Marston, Missy
-Bad Ideas (Luanne)

Martel, Yann
-Life of Pi (Darlene)

Mason, Susan Anne
-Best of Intentions (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Mastai, Elan
-All Our Wrong Todays (Rob)

Matejova, Miriam
-Wherever I Find Myself (Darlene)

May, Peter
-Entry Island (TracyK)

Mayr, Suzette
-Monoceros (Puss Reboots)

McCoy, Sarah
-Marilla of Green Gables (FaithHopeCherryTea)

McDonald, Anne
-Miss Confederation: the Diary of Mercy Anne Coles  (Gord)

McFarlane, Amy AKA Franklin W. Dixon
-Phantom Freighter (Brian Busby)

McLellan, Stephanie Simpson
-The Christmas Wind (Irene Roth)

McKay, Ami
-Half Spent Was the Night (Luanne, Shonna)

McKenzie, Bob & Jim Lang
-Everyday Hockey Heroes (Teena)

McMillan, Rachel
-Love in Three Quarter Time (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Rose in Three Quarter Time (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Murder At The Flamingo (FaithHopeCherryTea)

McWatt, Tessa et. al.
-Luminous Ink (Gord)

Mechefske, Lindy
-Out of Old Ontario Kitchens (Irene)

Michels, Mardi
-In the French Kitchen with Kids (Irene)

Mihailidis, Alex & Jan Andrysek
-New Hands New Life (Irene)

Millar, Margaret
-Wives & Lovers (Nancy)
-The Listening Walls (Brian Busby)
-Experiment in Springtime (Brian Busby)
-The Iron Gates (TracyK)

Millar, Nancy
-Once Upon A Tomb:  Stories From Canadian Graveyards (RIEDEL Fascination)

Miller, K.D.
-Late Breaking (Eric, Naomi)
-All Saints (Naomi)

Milton, Steve
-Tessa and Scott (Irene)

Mlynowski, Sarah
-Weather or Not (Puss Reboots)

Mofina, Rick
-Missing Daughter (Teena)

Montgomery, L.M.
-Anne of the Island (Red 5, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Anne of Avonlea (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Christmas at Red Butte (Faith HopeCherrytea)
-Anne's House of Dreams (Red 5, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Emily of New Moon (Red 5, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Anne of Ingleside (Red 5)
-Way to Slumbertown (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Anne of Windy Poplars (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Emily's Quest (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Emily Climbs (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Moscovitch, Hannah
-Infinity (Nancy)

Mowat, Farley
-Dog Who Wouldn't Be (RIEDEL Fascination)

Moyles, Trina
-Women Who Dig (Irene)

Munro, Alice
-Lives of Girls and Women (Irene)

Murchison, Alex
-Into Blue (John Mutford)

Myers, Paul
-The Kids in the Hall: One Dumb Guy (Teena)

Naworynski, P.J. 
-Against All Odds (Lisa)

Neale, Jen
-Land Mammals & Sea Creatures (Shonna)

Nelson, Colleen
-Sadia (Irene)

Newmark, Amy & Janet Matthews
-Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada (Red5, Irene)

Nicholson, Cecily
-Wayside Sang (Irene Roth)

Nielsen, Susin
-No Fixed Address (PussReboots)

Oppel, Kenneth
-Half Brother (Darlene)
-Inkling (PussReboots)

Packard, Frank L.
-Doors of the Night (Brian Busby)

Page, Kathy
-Dear Evelyn (Naomi)

Paisley, Erinne
-Can Your Conversations Change the World? (Irene)

Parnell, Martin
-Secret Marathon (Irene)

Patterson, Kevin
-Consumption (Eric)

Paul, Julie
-The Pull of the Moon (Nancy)

Pearson, Patricia
-A Brief History of Anxiety: Yours and Mine (Irene)

Pellerin, Renee
-Conspiracy of Hope (Irene)

Pendziwol, Jean E.
-The Lightkeeper's Daughters (Red 5)

Penny, Louise
-Brutal Telling (RIEDEL Fascination, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-A Fatal Grace (John Mutford)
-A Trick of the Light (Lisa)
-The Beautiful Mystery (Lisa, Read Warbler)
-How the Light Gets In (Lisa)
-The Long Way Home (Lisa)
-Kingdom of the Blind (Shonna, Kay, Mary R, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Nature of the Beast (Lisa)
-A Rule Against Murder (TracyK, FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Bury Your Dead (RIEDEL Fascination)

Peterson, Jordan
-12 Rules for Life (Darlene)

Porter, Anna
-In Other Words (Irene)

Purewal, Nina & Kate Petriw
-Let That Shit Go (Irene)

Pyjama Press
-Think Kindness (Shonna)

Quimper, Charles 
-In Every Wave (Buried in Print)

Rankel, Ben
-Frank (John Mutford)

Redhill, Michael
-Bellevue Square (Irene)

Reichs, Kathy
-Deja Dead (Darlene)
-Swamp Bones (Lisa)
-Bones Are Forever (Mary R)

Reid, Iain
-Foe (Luanne, Pussreboots)

Reynolds, Graham & Wanda Robson
-Viola Desmond: Her Life & Times (Teena)

Rice, Waubgeshig
-Moon of the Crusted Snow (Naomi)

Richardson, Gillian
-Saskatchewan (Irene)

Ridge, Yolanda
-Inside Hudson Pickle (Puss Reboots)

Ridley, Hilda
-A Summary of Women's Suffrage in Canada (Shonna)

Ripley, Nathan
-Find You in the Dark (Darlene)
-Your Life is Mine (Luanne)

Ritchie, Scott
-Follow that Bee (Irene)

Roberts, Jillian
-What Makes Us Unique (Irene)
-Why Do Families Change? (Irene)
-On Our Street (Irene)
-On the Playground (Irene)
-On the News (Irene)
-On the Internet (Irene)

Robinson, Eden
-Trickster Drift (Melwyk, Irene)

Robinson, Peter
-The Hanging Valley (Reese, Mary R)
-Sleeping in the Ground (Irene)
-Careless Love (Luanne)

Robson, Jennifer
-The Gown (Melwyk, Teena, FaithHopeCherryTea)

Rocklin, Joanne & Lucy Knisley
-Love Penelope (Puss Reboots)

Rondina, Catherine
-Carey Price (Irene Roth)

Rose, Simon
-Does Canada Own the Arctic? (Irene)

Rotenberg, Robert
-Old City Hall (PussReboots)

Roy, Gabrielle 
-Enchanted Summer (Melwyk)
-Children of My Heart (Irene, Melwyk)
-Where Nests The Water Hen (Irene)
-The Road Past Altamont (Irene, Melwyk)
-Garden in the Wind (Melwyk)
-The Tin Flute (TracyK)
-La détresse & L'enchantement (Buried in Print)

Royal Canadian Geographical Society
-Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada (Irene)

Rumsey, Ellen & Debra Toutloff
-Bad Kitten (Irene)

Russwurm, Lani
-Vancouver Was Awesome (Eric)

Sadler, Judy
-Embroidery (Irene)

St John Mandel, Emily
-Station Eleven (TracyK)

Sarkadi, Laurie
-Voice in the Wild (John Mutford)

Sawler, Harvey
-Put Your Hand in My Hand (Teena)

Schott, Philipp
-The Accidental Veterinarian (Teena)

Schroeder, Karl
-The Million (Puss Reboots)

Scott, Genevieve
-Catch My Drift (Naomi)

Scrivener, Leslie
-Terry Fox: His Story (Teena)

Selecky, Sarah
-Radiant Shimmering Light (Melwyk)

Sharma, Robin
-The 5 am Club (Irene)
-Discover Your Destiny (Irene)

Shatner, William
-Leonard: My 50 Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man (Teena)

Shatner, William & David Fisher
-Live Long and...  (Teena)

Sherman, Kenneth
-Clusters (Eric P)

Shields, Carol
-Jane Austen (Reese, Red 5)

Singh, Jagmeet
-Love & Courage (Teena)

Sinnott, Susan
-Catching the Light (Naomi)

Siré, Cora
-Behold Things Beautiful (Reese)
-The Other Oscar (Reese)

Skotnicki, Sandy
-Beyond Soap (Irene)

Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk
-Adrift at Sea (Irene)

Slocum, Joshua
-Sailing Alone Around the World (Rob)

Smith, Barbara
-Great Canadian Romances (RIEDEL Fascination)

Smith, Heather 
-Chicken Girl (PussReboots)

Smith, Kim (illus.)
-Back to the Future (Jo)
-ET the Extra Terrestrial (Jo)
-The X Files (Jo)

Smith, Russell
-How Insensitive (Eric)
-Noise (Eric)

Smitherman, George
-Unconventional Candour (Teena)

Smyth, Fiona
-Somnambulance (Puss Reboots)

Spiller, Trudy
-Trudy's Rock Story (Irene)

Spires, Ashley
-Gordon Bark to the Future (John Mutford)
-Fluffy Strikes Back (John Mutford)

Spruit, Jennifer
-A Handbook for Beautiful People (Irene)

St James, Simone
-The Other Side of Midnight (RIEDEL Fascination)

Stellings, Caroline
-Gypsy's Fortune (RIEDEL Fascination)

Stephen, Tom & Keith Elliot Greenberg
-Best Seat in the House: my life in the Jeff Healey Band (Teena)

Stevens, Chevy
-Still Missing (Puss Reboots)

Summers, Courtney
-Sadie (Luanne)

Sutherland, Kate
-All in Together Girls (Irene)

Symington, Sabrina
-First Year Out (John Mutford)

Szuminsky, Carol
-Penny Visits Oak Hammock Marsh (RIEDEL Fascination)

Tagaq, Tanya
-Split Tooth (John Mutford, Irene)

Talaga, Tanya
-Seven Fallen Feathers (Irene)

Tamaki, Jillian
-Boundless (John Mutford)

Tamaki, Mariko & Joelle Jones
-Supergirl Being Super (John Mutford)

Tansey, Claire
-Uncomplicated (Irene)

Taylor, Cora
-Out on the Prairie (Irene)

Thammavongsa, Souvankham 
-Small Arguments (Eric P)
-Found (Eric P)
-Light (Eric P)
-Cluster (Eric P)

Thompson, Alexa
-Nova Scotia (Irene)

Thornhill, Jan
-Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow (Irene)
-Wild in the City (RIEDEL Fascination)

Thuy, Kim
-Man (Irene, Nancy)
-Vi (Irene, Buried in Print)
-Ru (Irene)

Toews, Miriam
-Women Talking (Naomi, Melwyk, Irene, Red 5)
-Irma Voth (Irene)
-A Complicated Kindness (Irene)

Townsin, Troy
-Night Before Christmas (Irene Roth)

Traikos, Michael
-The Next Ones (Irene)

Travis, Debbie
-Design your next chapter (Irene Roth)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
-A Knock on the Door (Red 5)

Tucker, K.A.
-The Simple Wild (Teena)
-Be the Girl (Teena)

Ungar, Michael
-We Generation: Raising Socially Responsible Kids (Irene)

Vargas, Fred 
-Wash this Blood Clean From my Hand (Cath)

Vaughan-Johnston, Sally & Best of Bridge
-Slow Cooker cookbook (Gord)

Vermond, Kira
-Half-Truths & Brazen Lies (Irene)

Vermette, Katherena
-The Break (Red 5)

Verstraete, Larry
-Survivors! (RIEDEL Fascination)

Wagamese, Richard
-Starlight (MelwykIrene)

Weale, David
-Doors in the Air (RIEDEL Fascination)

Webstad, Phyllis
-Orange Shirt Story (Irene Roth)

Wees, Frances Shelley
-The Keys of my Prison (Nancy)
-This Necessary Murder (Brian Busby)

Wesley, Gloria Ann
-Chasing Freedom (Red 5)

Weymouth, Adam
-Kings of the Yukon (Irene)

Whishaw, Iona
-Death in a Darkening Mist (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-Killer in King's Cove (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-An Old Cold Grave (FaithHopeCherryTea)
-It Begins In Betrayal (FaithHopeCherryTea)

White, Susan 
-Ten Thousand Truths (Teena)
-The Memory Chair (Teena)
- Maple Sugar Pie (Teena)

Whittingham, Jane & Emma Pedersen
-Queenie Quail can't Keep Up (Shonna)

Whyte, Ewen
-Desire Lines: essays on poetry, art & culture (Reese)

Wiersema, Robert J.
-The World More Full of Weeping (Darlene)

Wilkshire, Nick
-Remember Tokyo (Teena)

Will, Elaine M.
-Look Straight Ahead (John Mutford)

Williams, Dave
-Destination Space (Irene)
-Defying Limits (Irene, Gord)

Williams, Stephen
-Invisible Darkness (Darlene)

Wilson, Budge
-Before Green Gables (Red 5)

Wilson, Kortney & Dave
-Live Happy (Irene)

Wilson, M.A.
-The Mystery of the Missing Mask (PussReboots)
-SOS at Night (PussReboots)

Wojna, Lisa
-Bathroom Book of Manitoba Trivia (FaithHopeCherryTea)

Wong, David H.T.
-Escape to Gold Mountain (John Mutford)

Wong, Teresa
-Dear Scarlet (John Mutford)

Wright, Eric
-Final Cut (RIEDEL Fascination)
-Smoke Detector (TracyK)

Wright, L.R.
-The Suspect (Reese)
-A Chill Rain in January (TracyK)

Yates, Sarah
-Manitoba (Irene)

Youers, Rio
-Halcyon (Luanne)

Young, Kendal
-The Ravine (Brian Busby)

Young, Pete
-The High Road (Irene)

Younge-Ullman, Danielle
-Everything Beautiful is not Ruined (Irene)

Zebian, Najwa
-Mind Platter (Irene)

If you find any missing or incorrect links please let me know either in the comments or a quick email. Thanks!


Here's where everyone ended up at the end of the 12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge

Rankin Inlet Inuksuk (Nunavut) 13+

Irene (210)
Melwyk (27)
John Mutford (29)
TracyK (13)
Red 5 (31)
Luanne (18)
Eric P (17)
Shonna (19)

Yellowknife Mosquito (Northwest Territories) 12

Whitehorse Mammoths (Yukon) 11

Duncan Hockey Stick (British Columbia) 10

ville Pys
anka (Alberta) 9

Moose Jaw Moose (Saskatchewan) 8

Viking (Manitoba) 7

Sudbury Nickel (Ontario) 6

Montreal Milk Bottle (Quebec) 5

Glover's Harbour Giant Squid (Newfoundland & Labrador) 4

Cape Breton Fiddle (Nova Scotia) 3

Nackawic Axe (New Brunswick) 2

O'Leary Potato (PEI) 1


Congratulations to everyone who finished, or who just read along. Continue the great Canadian reading over at the 13th Annual Canadian Book Challenge page hosted by Canadian Bookworm! Maybe this year we'll hit 10,000 reviews...