About Me

I am a librarian by trade and a book-lover by nature. I blog under the name of Melwyk although my real name is Melanie - it is just one way to distinguish myself from all the other great Melanies out there who blog.

Born in small town Saskatchewan, I moved to the big city of Montreal to go to university and ended up working there for quite some time. My French still stinks. I've now ended up in a small town again, but this time in Ontario.

Blogging keeps me connected to the bookish world, my favourite place to be! I am interested in everything to do with reading, writing, storytelling and all kinds of related issues. I run a small business focusing on journaling and bibliotherapy as well, called Four Rooms Creative Self Care.

I love to blog although my brain creates varying levels of interesting content depending on the day. Some days I am more interesting than others...

I began reading at the age of three and haven't stopped since. It is great to be affirmed in my bookish obsessions by the similar habits of fellow bloggers!