Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quick notes

Just dropping in for a quick chat tonight...I have numerous book reviews half written, and numerous books half read! Do you ever get so busy that days meld into one long stretch and before you realize it a week, or two, has gone by? I don't usually let myself get that busy but things happen, as we all know.

Looking forward to a nice weekend to post some reviews in but until then, quickly sharing some amusements of the last while  --

Best spam lately: "The full-grain leather with Nubuck wealthy was featured in the arrival of the shoe to guarantee the perfect supremacy of the shoe.A strange intonation was featured in the collar and chase and outsole of the shoe to offer celebrated visual effection to people." (doesn't that make you want to see this mythical product??)

Best movie I've seen lately: Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. I knew next to nothing about it when I put it on..and I LOVED it. If you too are a fan of the Paris of the great bookish 1920's, I'll bet you will really enjoy it also. Very fun for readers and romantics.

Best bookish character name: Mr. Barbecue Smith from Aldous Huxley's Crome Yellow

Best use of collective nouns: an amazing, artistic and beautiful set of alphabet flash cards, using collective nouns -- A Raft of Otters, by Woop Studios. I want. Also as posters!


  1. I loved Midnight in Paris, too. Like you, I'd somehow managed to learn almost nothing about it before I saw it (just a month or so ago), and the literary storyline was a pleasant surprise.

  2. Midnight in Paris is a brilliant movie. What I wouldn't do to sit around with all these creators of art, from books to paintings.

  3. Teresa & Melissa - glad to hear you both enjoyed it as well! I'd love to wear those gorgeous 20's frocks :)

  4. I really enjoyed Midnight in Paris. I watched it with another blogger and chatted on Twitter. It was fun!

  5. Kailana - lucky for me my husband knows even more about Paris in the 20's than I do...we had great fun watching together


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