Monday, October 11, 2010

Reading Synchronicities

I had a great time reading for a whole day for Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon, even if I didn't quite make it to 24 hours. Having set aside all that time specifically for reading, I felt no guilt, or any urge to do anything else at all. Fortunately, I had more time off as it is a holiday weekend here, so was able to recover nicely and still get some holiday time in -- even some cooking, too.

But something I noticed, reading all sorts of different books all at once, was the odd synchronicity among the texts. I had a stack of about 22 different books, all sorts, selected rather randomly. Some were my own, some belong to the library. Yet, as I read, connections were being made...

I spent a lot of the day reading short stories by Ray Bradbury. I like his work, and one or two short stories between other books was a good way to stay inspired. After one session of Bradbury, I picked up a nonfiction book about the power of intuition, opened it and at the top of the chapter was a quote by Bradbury. This was not a writing book, and so it was completely unexpected, though delightful.

I began reading William Boyd's Blue Afternoon, then switched over to Penelope Lively's City of the Mind -- both were about architects, opening with the main character at a building site they were responsible for. Reading along in Boyd, I noticed a mention of Enfield (England) which some of my relatives have connections to. I was just thinking how funny it is to see discussion of a place one lives in a book, and how this rarely happens to me since I am from Saskatchewan, not a hot spot in international fiction. Then I picked up Jonathan Coe's The Rain Before It Falls, which I was halfway through, and within two pages one of the major characters abruptly leaves England and moves to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

All these odd little connections made my reading even more entertaining than usual. Do you notice such things when you're reading? Are there any unexpected synchronicities you have discovered in your reading lately?


  1. I'm so glad you named/identified this phenomenon!

  2. Ooh - Anne of Green Gables! I'm remembering that for next time. That's funny about your "reading synchronicities". I don't think it's ever happened to me to that extent before. I also like Ray Bradbury - read Driving Blind not too long ago. You've given me some great ideas for the next Read-a-Thon. It was fun, wasn't it?

  3. carin - it is freaky how it happens

    Sherry Ann - it was so fun! And I think I noticed all those synchronicities since I was reading so much at the same time.
    I've read lots of Bradbury, but not Driving Blind, I'll have to search it out.

  4. I love when synchronicities happen! How fun that you had a whole day of them. I've not had any come around for awhile probably because with school in session I haven't had much time to read. Sigh.

  5. Stefanie - when you're so busy it's hard to read copious amounts of random text that leads to these kind of things...I think I noticed them because I was spending so much time with so many books, all at once :)

  6. I love it when this happens and I agree with your comment above, that it's easier to notice them when you're reading a lot all at once. I did note some too, and I wanted to jot them down because I usually tag them on BIP as When Reading Connects, but I think I've forgotten them all now! (Probably due to the trauma of my late-night exposure to Lord of the Flies.)

  7. I haven't noticed any synchronicities lately, but I do love it when they happen! It sounds like you had a good time during the read-a-thon. Maybe I'll join everyone one year! (Unfortunately, they are usually in the middle of the semester when I have too much work to do to participate.)

  8. Buried in Print - yes, late night Lord of the Flies would be traumatic! Yikes.

    Dorothy - I couldn't believe I wasn't working this readathon wknd - had to take the opportunity to join in for once.


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