Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Canadian Book Meme

For those of us participating in the Book Mine Set's Canadian reading challenge, John has adapted his amazing list of provincial reads into a meme. The rules? Highlight in red those you've read, highlight in blue authors you've read (just not that particular book), and leave the rest black.
This is his list as of today's date; but I've altered the meme a bit. I've taken out most of the children's books, as I 'm not planning on reading any as part of my challenge. And, I've added in purple books I've read and would recommend in these provincial categories.

Newfoundland and Labrador
Cassie Brown- Death On The Ice (Non-fiction)
Lisa Moore- Open (Short Stories)
Lisa Moore- Alligator
Wayne Johnston- Colony of Unrequited Dreams
Al Pittman- Down By Jim Long’s Stage (Children’s poems)
Al Pittman- West Moon (play)
Harold Horwood- White Eskimo
Harold Horwood- Bartlett
The Great Explorer (Non-fiction)
Michael Crummey- River Thieves
E. J. Pratt- Complete Poems (Poetry)
Mary Dalton- Merrybegot (Poetry)
Dillon Wallace- The Lure of The Labrador Wild
Ted Russell- The Holdin’ Ground (play)
Percy Janes- House of Hate
E. Annie Proulx- The Shipping News
Claire Mowat- Outport People (Non-fiction)
Jim Defede- The Day The World Came To Town (Non-fiction)
Donna Morrissey- Kit’s Law
Ken Babstock- Airstream Land Yacht (Poetry)
Bernice Morgan- Random Passage
Joan Clark- An Audience of Chairs (read Latitudes of Melt - very good!)
Earl B. Pilgrim- The Ghost of Ellen Dower
Dale Jarvis- Haunted Shores: True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador
Paul Butler- Easton
Edward Riche- Rare Birds
Kenneth J. Harvey- The Town That Forgot How To Breathe

Prince Edward Island
Lucy Maud Montgomery- Anne of Green Gables
David Helwig- Saltsea
Michael Hennessey- The Betrayer
J. J. Steinfeld- Would You Hide Me? (Short Stories)
Anne Compton- Processional (Poetry)
Milton Acorn- I Shout Love and Other Poems (Poetry)

Nova Scotia
Frank Parker Day- Rockbound
Alistair MacLeod- Island (Short Stories)
Alistair MacLeod- No Great Mischief
George Elliott Clarke- Whylah Falls (Poetry)
Anne Simpson- Loop (Poetry)
Alden Nolan- The Best Of (Poetry)
Hugh MacLennan- The Watch That Ends The Night
Thomas Chandler Haliburton- The Clockmaker
Ernest Buckler- The Mountain and the Valley
Ann-Marie MacDonald- Fall On Your Knees
Linden MacIntyre- Causeway (Non-fiction)
Brad Kessler- Birds In Fall
Ami McKay- The Birth House
Lesley Choyce - The Republic of Nothing

New Brunswick
David Adams Richards- Mercy Among The Children
Charles G. D. Roberts- The Collected Poems (Poetry)
T. G. Roberts- The Red Feathers
Donna Allard- Minago Streets (Poetry)
Linda Hall- Black Ice
Antonine Maillet- Pelagie: The Return To Acadie
Elisabeth Harvor- Fortress Of Chairs

Mordecai Richler- Barney’s Version
Gabrielle Roy- The Tin Flute
Roch Carrier- The Hockey Sweater (Children’s Book)
Markoosie- Harpoon of the Hunter
Michel Tremblay- The Fat Woman Next Door Is Pregnant
Michel Tremblay- Forever Yours Marie-Lou (Play)
Saul Bellow- Humboldt’s Gift
Hubert Acquin- Next Episode
Heather O’Neill- Lullabies For Little Criminals
Mavis Gallant- Home Truths (Short Stories)
Gaetan Soucy- The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond Of Matches
Leonard Cohen- Beautiful Losers
Leonard Cohen- Let Us Compare Mythologies (Poetry)
Jacques Poulin- Volkswagen Blues (one of my favourite books, ever)
Yves Theriault- Agaguk
Frances Brooke- The History of Emily Montague
Nicole Brossard- Museum of Bone and Water
Colin McDougall- Execution
Anne Hebert- Kamouraska
Mairuth Sarsfield- No Crystal Stair
Naomi Klein- No Logo (Non-fiction)
Irving Layton- Dance With Desire (Poems)
Stuart McLean- Stories From The Vinyl Café (Short Stories)
Yann Martel- Life of Pi
Romeo Dallaire- Shake Hands With The Devil (Non-fiction)
Monique Proulx- The Heart Is An Involuntary Muscle
Peter Behrens- The Law of Dreams
Willa Cather- Shadows On The Rock
Colleen Curran - Something drastic
Margaret Atwood- Handmaid’s Tale
Robertson Davies- Fifth Business
Stephen Leacock- Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (Short Stories)
Alice Munro- Who Do You Think You Are? (Short Stories)
Timothy Findley- The Wars
Jane Urquhart- The Stone Carvers
Barbara Gowdy- White Bone
Joan Barfoot- Luck
David Glimour- A Perfect Night To Go To China
Douglas Glover- Elle
Michael Ondaatje- In The Skin Of A Lion
Rohinton Mistry- A Fine Balance
Al Purdy- Beyond Remembering (Poetry)
Farley Mowat- Never Cry Wolf
Marian Engel- Bear
Joseph Boyden- Three Day Road
Charles de Lint- Moonlight and Vines
Thomas King- Green Grass, Running Water
Austin Clarke- The Polished Hoe
Mary Lawson- Crow Lake
Matt Cohen- Elizabeth and After
Christian Bok- Eunoia (poetry)
Richard B. Wright- Clara Callan
M. G. Vassanji- The In-Between World of Vikram Lalli
Vincent Lam- Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures (Short stories)
David Bezmozgis- Natasha and Other Stories (Short Stories)
Morley Callaghan- More Joy In Heaven
M. T. Kelly- A Dream Like Mine
Helen Humphries- Afterimage
Paul Quarrington- Whale Music
Nino Ricci- Lives of The Saints
Leon Rooke- Shakespeare's Dog
Diane Schoemperlen- Forms of Devotion
Gordon Downie- Coke Machine Glow (Poetry)
Anne Michaels- Fugitive Pieces
Frances Itani- Deafening (you know what my recommendation for a novel by Frances Itani is!)
Marian Keith - The Grand Lady
Luella Creighton - High Bright Buggy Wheels

Margaret Laurence- A Bird In The House (Short Stories)
Margaret Laurence- A Jest of God
Carol Shields- The Stone Diaries
David Godfrey- The New Ancestors
Bill Richardson- Bachelor Brothers’ Bed and Breakfast
Miriam Toews- A Complicated Kindness
Tomson Highway- The Rez Sisters (Play)
David Bergen- The Time In Between
Adele Wiseman- The Sacrifice
Larry Warwaruk - The Ukrainian wedding
Vera Lysenko - Yellow Boots


Tim Lilburn- Kill-Site (Poetry)

Guy Vanderhaeghe- The Last Crossing

Guy Gavriel Kay- The Summer Tree

Sinclair Ross- As For Me and My House

W. O. Mitchell- Who Has Seen The Wind
Rudy Wiebe- The Temptations of Big Bear
Dianne Warren- Serpent In The Night Sky (play)
Sharon Butala- Lilac Moon (Non-fiction)
Paul Hiebert- Sarah Binks
Kate Sutherland - All in together girls (short stories)
Leona Theis - The Art of Salvage

Will Ferguson- Why I Hate Canadians (Nonfiction)
Earle Birney- One Muddy Hand (Poetry)
Thomas Wharton- Salamander (also read "Ice Fields" which is set in Alberta and is wonderful)
W. P. Kinsella- Shoeless Joe
Robert Kroetsch- The Studhorse Man
Gloria Sawai- A Song For Nettie Johnson
Greg Holingshead- The Roaring Girl (Short stories)
Katherine Govier- Three Views of Crystal Water
Christopher Wiseman- In John Updike’s Room (Poetry)
Anita Rau Badami- Can You Hear The Nightbird Call?
Gail Anderson Dargatz - A Recipe for Bees, or another one, A Rhinestone Button

British Columbia
George Bowering- The Gangs of Kosmos
Douglas Coupland- Generation X
Timothy Taylor- Stanley Park
Jack Hodgins- The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne
bpNichol- The Martyrology (Poetry)
Susan Musgrave- What The Small Day Cannot Hold (Poetry)
Michael Turner- Hard Core Logo
Joy Kogawa- Obasan
P.K. Page- Planet Earth (Poetry)
Anosh Irani- The Song of Kahunsha
Wayson Choy- The Jade Peony
John Gould- Kilter (Short stories)
Sheila Watson- The Double Hook
Eden Robinson- Monkey Beach
Gayla Reid- To Be There With You (Short stories)
Margaret Craven- I Heard The Owl Call My Name
Audrey Thomas- Coming Down From Wa
Kevin Chong- Baroque-a-Nova
Ethel Wilson - any of hers: Swamp Angel, The Innocent Traveller, or Hetty Dorval

Robert Service- The Best Of (Poetry)
Pierre Berton- The National Dream (Non-fiction)
Al Pope- Bad Latitudes
Dick North- The Mad Trapper of Rat River (Non-fiction)
Pj Johnson- Rhymes of the Raven Lady (Poetry)
Jack London- Call of the Wild

Northwest Territories
Mackay Jenkins- Bloody Falls of the Coppermine (nonfiction)
Richard Van Camp- Lesser Blessed
Robert Alexie- Pale Indian
Rene Fumoleau- Here I Sit (Poetry)
Steve Zipp- Yellowknife
Elizabeth Hay- Late Nights On Air
James Raffan- Emperor of The North (Non-fiction)

James Houston- The White Dawn
Kevin Patterson- Consumption
Tom Lowenstein (translator)/ Knud Rasmussen (compiled by)- Eskimo Poems (Poetry)
Pierre Berton- The Arctic Grail (nonfiction)
John Bennett and Susan Rowley (Ed. and compilers) Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut (Non-fiction)
Kenn Harper- Give Me My Father’s Body (Non-fiction)
Robert Ruby- Unknown Shore (Non-fiction)


  1. Poulin's Volkswagen Blues was a great book, wasn't it? Did you know of it before it was a Canada Reads contender? I didn't and it was such a pleasant surprise.

  2. I had to read it in university for a class with a leading Jacques Poulin scholar. That paper was a bit intimidating to write, I'll tell you. But I still loved the book.

  3. Isn't The Republic of Love a fantasticly fun book? I read it a few years ago, and actually met Lesley Choyce once. His other books are good too. :)

  4. Kailana - yes, I had so much fun reading this years ago. I met Lesley Choyce at Book Expo this year and got a new edition of this novel and well as a citizenship card to the Republic. :)


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