Sunday, August 01, 2021

#WIT Month 2021 is Underway!


August is Women in Translation Month! For me, August always means it's time for reading #WIT. This is a great initiative started by Meytal Radzinski at Biblibio in 2014, to highlight the fact that only about 30% of the small number of books translated into English are by women. This year she has created a dedicated website for the project, Go there to find all the details, reviews, booklists, stats and everything else you've ever wanted to know about this project. It's really fantastic! 

And if you like this kind of thing, there is also a reading bingo card for WIT 2021! 

I absolutely love this month. It's the most reading fun I have all year. I've been participating since 2015 when I first found about this challenge, and you can find all my reviews of the Women in Translation I've read by clicking on the #WIT tag on any post. 

I also try to keep reading more women in translation throughout the year, but since the end of August 2020 I've only managed a few - not a great reading year overall, and especially not in this area, all down to my concentration. Here's what I've read and reviewed in the last year.

Territory of Light / Yuko Tsushima; trans. from the Japanese by Geraldine Harcourt

The Cat Who Came In Off the Roof / Annie M.G. Schmidt; trans. from the Dutch by David Colmer

Maresi / Maria Turtschaninoff; trans. from the Finnish by Annie Prime

Naondel / Maria Turtschaninoff; trans. from the Finnish by Annie Prime

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