Thursday, December 27, 2018

Year in Review: 2018 in First Lines

As usual at this time of year, I review and share my reading/blogging year with First Lines.

Simply put, we share the first line of the first post of each month and see what that overview tells us about our year. Often it can be an uncannily accurate summary.

If you haven't tried this before, give it a go this year; it's a fun exercise, and often summarizes the year quite efficiently. If you do, please share a link in the comments so we can all enjoy!

Anyhow, without further ado, here is my 2018 in First Lines:

Following in John's footsteps, I present here the traditional halfway roundup of titles read thus far for the 11th Canadian Book Challenge!
[from The 11th Canadian Book Challenge - The Halfway Point!]

Happy Year of the Dog! 2018 brings us into the Year of the Earth Dog, who is "Communicative, serious, and responsible in work". 
[from Happy Year of the Dog!]

This recent novel caught my eye with its evocative cover -- then the blurb -- I read it over the weekend and really enjoyed it!
[from The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore]

I'm a Flavia de Luce fan, so I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book.
[from The Grave's A Fine & Private Place]

I loved this book!
[from Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley]

Less than a month to think about signing up for the 12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge!
[from 12th Canadian Book Challenge: Countdown!]

Welcome to the 12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge! 
[from 12th Canadian Book Challenge starts... now!]

August brings with it a sense of melancholy, a sense of the year turning, a back-to-school feel in the air. But it also brings the excitement of Women In Translation Month!
[from It's Women in Translation Month!]

After so much international reading last month, I've returned home -- back to Saskatchewan where I grew up, in fact! 
[from Glass Beads]

This is the only novel on the Giller 2018 shortlist that I've read so far.
[from An Ocean of Minutes]

You know how it is when you finally read a classic, being dragged to it with the expectation that it will be a dry, "good for you" read, and you end up loving it, not being able to put it down, and being overcome with sobs at the end?
[from The House of Mirth]

A brief and beautiful novel about love, sacrifice, and the importance of truth.
[from Return of the Soldier]


So there we have it -- a year filled with a lot of Canadian reading; either talking about the Canadian Book Challenge that I'm running, for three separate months, or talking about Canadian books for 5 more. Then I had some international reading midway, and finished up the year with a few classics to finish off my Century of Books project. A lot of challenge reading this year, but also many wonderful discoveries through that. A pretty good reading year overall!


  1. Excellent first lines! I love this meme and have participated in it for several years now. I've been on a blogging break, due to travel, but hope to do this meme again, before the end of the year.

    1. I always look forward to seeing your lines Suko -- hope you have time to do this before year end :)

    2. Thank you, Melwyk! I've just posted my First Lines,and hope you will stop by when you have a moment. Thank you for hosting this terrific meme each year. Have a safe and happy New Year's!

  2. This is such a great way to sum up your blogging year! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. :)


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