Sunday, July 01, 2018

11th Annual Canadian Book Challenge: Final Round Up!

Congratulations to all the readers this year -- here is our massive roundup of titles read and reviewed for the 11th Canadian Book Challenge!

You've all done very well indeed, and given me a lot of titles to gather up -- lots of variety -- some interesting debut authors, fiction in translation, nonfiction, children's books, graphic novels, just to mention a few. And not many duplicated titles -- I'm astonished at how many different authors and titles we've all read, with very few repeats! I hope you've all enjoyed reading and discovering new and exciting authors - you can see from this roundup of reviews that there are hundreds of Canadian authors representing the great diversity of our country. Hopefully you will find a few to start reading for the 12th Canadian Book Challenge!

And now for some fun stats:
  • We've read and reviewed a total of  652 Books!
  • The grand total for all 11 years combined is 8298!
  • Of the 26 people who signed on, 19 people finished
  • Irene read the most with a whopping 190 (again beating her old record)
  • Kenneth Oppel & Jeff Lemire tied for the highest number of distinct titles read (6 each)
  •  There was also a tie for the most read book for the challenge with 5 reviews each: Alan Bradley's The Grave's a Fine & Private Place and Louise Penny's The Glass Houses
  • The first author to have had more than one title reviewed was Sarah Mlynowski
  • Strangest author so far? Twitter account @stats_canada!
  • Strangest title? Leanne Shapton's "Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry" 
  • The most numerous author names began with "M"! The only letters we are missing from our list of authors are Q & X.

And now to the reviews! Enjoy!

-150 Years of Stats Canada! (Red 5, Irene Roth)

Abbott, Elizabeth
-Dogs and Underdogs (Teena)

Abdou, Angie
-Between (Naomi)
-The Bone Cage (Naomi)
-The Canterbury Trail  (Naomi)

Abel, Jordan 
-Injun (John Mutford)

Adams, Michael
-Could It Happen Here? (Swordsman)

Agg, Jen
-I Hear She's A Real Bitch (Teena, Irene Roth)

Aguirre, Carmen
-Mexican Hooker (Lara Maynard)

Alexis, André
-Fifteen Dogs (Pussreboots, Janet)

Allenby, Victoria
-Timo Goes Camping (Shonna)

Ali, S.K.
Saints & Misfits (Pussreboots, Crystal)

Amir & Khalil
-Zahra's Paradise (John Mutford)

Anderson, R.J.
-Knife (Heather)
-Rebel (Heather)
-Arrow (Heather)

Andra-Warner, Elle
-The Mounties (RIEDEL Fascination)

Arden, Jann
-Feeding My Mother (Teena)

Armstrong, Hugh & Pat Armstrong
-Universal Health Care (Irene Roth)

Armstrong, Kelley
-Missing (Kristilyn)
-Bitten (John Mutford)
-A Darkness Absolute (Pussreboots)
-This Fallen Prey (Luanne, Pussreboots)

Ashby, Madeleine
-Company Town (Swordsman)

Asher, Damian
-Inside the Inferno (Swordsman)

Assiniwi, Bernard
-The Beothuk Saga (Buried in Print)

-Have Fun Anna Hibiscus! (Sherrie)

Atkinson, Cale
-Where Oliver Fits (Irene Roth)

Atlee, Harold Benge
-Black Feather (Brian Busby)

Atwood, Margaret
-Angel Catbird (Lara Maynard)
-Moral Disorder (Eric P.)
-Stone Mattress (Lara Maynard)
-Surfacing (RIEDEL Fascination)

Bailey, Chris
-The Productivity Project (Irene Roth)

Bailey, Linda
-Carson Crosses Canada (Pussreboots)

Baker, Carleigh
-Bad Endings (John Mutford, Melwyk)

Barber, Terry
-Laura Secord (Irene)

Barclay, Linwood
-Chase (Heather)
-The Twenty Three (Shonna)
-Parting Shot (LuanneTeena)

Barnett, Mac & Jon Klassen
-Square (Pussreboots)

Barr, Robert
-Revenge! (Brian Busby)

Bass, Karen
-Two Times a Traitor (Shonna)

Beaton, Bruce
-Little Athletes, Big Leaders (Irene Roth)

Beck, Andrea
-Goodnight, Canada (Irene Roth)

Becker, Helaine
-Our Great Prime Ministers (Irene Roth)

Bennett, John & Susan Rowley
-Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut (John Mutford)

Bergen, David
-The Retreat (Wendy)

Berkhout, Nina
-The Mosaic (Heather)

Berry, Michelle
-The Prisoner & the Chaplain (Naomi)

Best, Gillian
-The Last Wave (Shonna)

Bissoondath, Neil
-Digging Up the Mountains (Eric P)

Bogart, Jo Ellen & Sydney Snith
-The White Cat & the Monk (Irene Roth)

Boone, Ezekiel
-Skitter (DarleneLuanne)
-Zero Day (Luanne)

Bordeleau, Virginia Pésémapéo
-Winter Child (Shonna)

Bouchard, Hervé
-Harvey (John Mutford)

Bourgeois, Paulette
-Franklin in the Dark (RIEDEL Fascination)
-Franklin's Halloween (RIEDEL Fascination)

Boutilier, Alicia & Tobi Bruce
-The Artist Herself (Buried in Print)

Bowen, Gail
-A Colder Kind of Death (RIEDEL Fascination)
-The Winner's Circle (Bill)

Boyden, Joseph
-Wenjack (Buried in Print)

Bozak, Nadia
-Thirteen Shells (Janet)

Braden, Bill
-Aurora Up! (John Mutford)

Bradley, Alan
-The Grave's a Fine & Private Place (Luanne, Mary R., Pussreboots, Melwyk, Shonna)
-The Sweetness At The Bottom of the Pie (Darlene)

Braithwaite, Max
-The Mystery of the Muffled Man (Brian Busby)

Brand, Dionne
-What We All Long For (Eric P)

Brandt, Gerald
The Courier (Crystal)

Britt, Fanny
-Hunting Houses (Shonna)

Brooks, Martha
-Queen of Hearts (Darlene)

Brown, Karma
-In This Moment (Teena)

Bruneau, Carol
-A Bird on Every Tree (Naomi)

Buchanan, Cathy Marie
-The Painted Girls (Melwyk)

Bunch, Adam
-Toronto Book of the Dead (Teena)

Burnford, Sheila
-The Incredible Journey (RIEDEL Fascination)

Butala, Sharon
-The Girl in Saskatoon (Irene Roth)
-The Perfection of the Morning (Irene Roth)
-Garden of Eden (Irene Roth)
-Lilac Moon (Irene Roth)
-Where I Live Now (John Mutford)

Butler, Paul
-The Widow's Fire (Naomi)

Butts, Ed
-She Dared (Irene Roth)

Caldwell, Wayne J.
-Planning for Rural Resilience (Irene Roth)

Callan, Kevin
-Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes (Irene Roth)

Callow, Pamela
-Damaged (Teena)
-Indefensible (Teena)
-Tattooed (Teena)
-Exploited (Teena)

Camani, Andrew
-100 Hikers, 100 Hikes (Irene Roth)

Cameron, Claire
-The Line Painter (Wendy)
-The Last Neanderthal (CrystalBuried in Print)

Cameron, Janet E.
-Cinnamon Toast & The End of the World (Mary)

Capogna, Laurie & Barbara Pelletier, Drs.
-Eyefoods (Red 5)

Carr, Charlene
-One Good Thing (John Mutford)

de Castell, Sebastien
-Tyrant's Throne (Swordsman)

Catling, Libby Whittall
-The Mundane & the Holy (John Mutford)

Caulfield, Timothy
-The Cure for Everything (Teena)

Cerveny, Catherine
-The Rule of Luck (Melwyk)

Champniss, Kim Clarke
-Skinheads, Fur Traders & DJs (Teena)

Chapman, Brenda
-Shallow End (Shonna)
-Bleeding Darkness (Teena)
-No Trace (Teena)
-Missing Her (Teena)

Chariandy, David
-Brother (TeenaNaomiLuanne)
-I've Been Meaning to Tell You (Buried in Print)

Chow, Lauralyn
-Paper Teeth (Melwyk)

Choy, Wayson
Not Yet (Raidergirl)

Choyce, Lesley
-The Thin Place (Teena)
-The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander MacNeil (Naomi)

Christmas, Jane
-What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim (Raidergirl)

Chuvalo, George & Murray Greig
-Chuvalo (Swordsman)

Clare, Kerry
-Mitzi Bytes (John Mutford)

Cohen, Robert Z.
-Canada's First Nations and Cultural Genocide (Irene Roth)

Cole, Trevor
-The Whiskey King (Teena)

Comeau, Joey
-Malagash (Shonna, Naomi)

Comeau, Joey & Emily Horne
-Anatomy of Melancholy (John Mutford)

Connelly, Karen
-The Change Room (Naomi)

Coupland, Douglas
-Marshall McLuhan (Raidergirl)
-Generation A (Swordsman)

Coyote, Ivan
-Tomboy Survival Guide (Crystal)

Crate, Joan
-Black Apple (Red 5)

Crummey, Michael
-Galore (Irene Roth)
-Newfoundland (Irene Roth)
-Hard Light (Irene Roth)

Cull, Kerri
-Rock Paper Sex (Naomi)

Curtis, Christopher Paul
-The Madman of Piney Woods (Sherrie)
-The Journey of Little Charlie (Heather, Pussreboots)

Curtis, Sky
- Flush (Melwyk)

Cusk, Rachel
-Transit (Naomi)

Cutter, Nick
-The Troop (Darlene)
-The Deep (Darlene)

Davidson, Craig
-Cataract City (Wendy)

Davies, Robertson
-The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies (Mary)

Davis, Tanya & Andrea Dorfman
-How to Be Alone (John Mutford)

Davis, Wade
-Wayfinders (Irene Roth)

Deforge, Michael
-Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero (John Mutford)

Delaney, Rachelle
-Clara Voyant (Shonna)

Delaney, Vicki
-Body on Baker Street (Bill)

Delisle, Guy
Burma Chronicles (Barbara)

Demchuk, David
-The Bone Mother (Melwyk)

Demerson, Velma
-Incorrigible (Buried in Print)

Dent, John Charles
-The Gerrard Street Mystery (Brian Busby)

Deverell, William
-Whipped (Bill)

DeWitt, Patrick
-The Sisters Brothers (Mary R)
-Undermajordomo Minor (Mary R)

Dickson, Jason
-Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis (Buried in Print)

Dimaline, Cherie
-The Marrow Thieves (Buried in Print, Melwyk)

Donaldson, Chelsea
-Chris Hadfield (Sherrie)

Donoghue, Emma
-The Lotterys Plus One (Pussreboots)
-Room (Irene Roth)

Doyle, Alan
-A Newfoundlander in Canada (Teena)

Dunn, Philippa
-Mysterious Rescue (RIEDEL Fascination)

Dumbrille, Dorothy
-All This Difference (Brian Busby)

Dyer, Hadley
-Here So Far Away (Shonna)

Early, Chris & Tracy C. Read
-110 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario (Irene Roth)

Edgar, Keith
-Arctic Rendezvous (Brian Busby)

El Akkad, Omar
-American War (Crystal)

Ellis, Sarah & Kim LaFave
-Ben & the Scaredy-Dog (Shonna)

Endicott, Marina
-Close to Hugh (Irene Roth)
-The Little Shadows (Irene Roth)

Engel, Howard 
-A Victim Must Be Found (RIEDEL Fascination)
-Dead and Buried (RIEDEL Fascination)

Engel, Marian
-The Tattooed Woman (Eric P)

Enns, Karen
-Cloud Physics (Eric P)

Esrock, Robin
-Great Canadian Bucket List (Irene Roth)

Faber, Sarah
-All is Beauty Now (Naomi)

Fallis, Terry
-Best Laid Plans (Lisa)
-One Brother Shy (John Mutford)

Farrar, John Laird
-Trees in Canada (Irene Roth)

Favro, Terri
-Sputnik's Children (Melwyk, Irene Roth)
-Generation Robot (Irene Roth)

Ferguson, Jenny
-Border Markers (Melwyk)

Ferguson, Will
-419 (Red 5)

Ferrier, Ryan
-D4ve (Pussreboots)

Field, Luke Gordon & Alex Huntley
-The Beaverton Presents: Glorious & Free (Irene Roth)

Findley, Timothy
-You Went Away (Eric P.)
-Dust to Dust (Irene Roth)

Fitzpatrick, Jamie
-The End of Music (Naomi)

Flanders, Cait
-The Year of Less (Irene Roth)

Flieger, Jon R.
-You Are Among Monsters (Naomi)

Fleming, May Agnes
-Edith Percival (Brian Busby)
-The Heiress of Castle Cliffe (Brian Busby)

Flett, Julie
-Wild Berries (Irene Roth)

Florence, Elinor
-Bird's Eye View (Lara Maynard)

Florida, Richard 
-Who's Your City? (Irene Roth)

Forsberg, Lois
-Prairie Ghosts (RIEDEL Fascination)

Fortier, Anne
-The Lost Sisterhood (Shonna)

Fu, Kim
-The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore (Melwyk)

Gallagher, John
-Big League Babble On (Teena)

Gallant, Mavis
-Montreal Stories (Lara Maynard)

Gardiner, Nancy
-Hairy Leg News (Irene Roth)

Gardner, Whitney
-Chaotic Good (Heather)

Gaudet, Judy
-150+: Canada's History in Poetry (Irene Roth)

Gay, Marie-Louise & David Homel
-Travels With My Family (Irene Roth)
-On The Road Again (Irene Roth)
-Summer in the City (Irene Roth)

George, Kallie
-Heartwood Hotel (Irene Roth)

George, Stephen R.
-Grandma's Little Darling (Brian Busby)

Ghigna, Charles & Kristi Bridgeman
-A Carnival of Cats (Irene Roth)

Ghigna, Charles & Vlasta von Kampen
-Who Can? (Irene Roth)

Giardini, Anne & Nicholas Giardini
Startle & Illuminate: Carol Shields on Writing (Janet)

Goobie, Beth
-Pain Eater (Irene Roth)

Goodman, Joanna
-Home For Unwanted Girls (Teena)

Graham, Genevieve
-Tides of Honour (Red 5)
-Come From Away (Luanne)

Gravel, Elise
-The Mushroom Fan Club (Pussreboots)

Gray, Charlotte
-Promise of Canada (Irene Roth)

Gray Smith, Monique
-Speaking Our Truth (Irene Roth)
-You Hold Me Up (Irene Roth)

Green, Shari
-Macy McMillan & the Rainbow Goddess (Pussreboots)
-Missing Mike (Shonna)

Greene, Trevor & Debbie Greene
-March Forth (Irene Roth)

Greenwood, Bill
-Montrose County (Shonna)

Grescoe, Taras & Audrey Grescoe
-Book of Letters (Irene Roth)

Griffin, Daniel
-Two Roads Home (Buried in Print)

Gunnery, Sylvia
-Road Signs That Say West (Shonna)

Hadfield, Chris
-An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth (Crystal)
-The Darkest Dark (Sherrie)

Halle, Karina
-After All (Marie)
-Hot Shot (Kaley)
-Sins & Needles (Darlene)

Hardcastle, Kevin
-In the Cage (Naomi)

Harlick, R.J.
-Purple Palette for Murder (Shonna)

Harris, Mark & George Fischer
-Waterfalls of Ontario (Irene Roth)

Hart-Green, Sharon
-Come Back For Me (Lara Maynard)

Hartman, Rachel
-Tess of the Road (Pussreboots)

Helwig, David
-The Stand In (Naomi)

Henstra, Sarah
-The Red Word (Naomi)

Hepburn, Janet
-Flee, Fly, Flown (Irene Roth)

Heras, Theo & Renné Benoit
-Baby Cakes (Shonna)
-Hat on, Hat off (Irene Roth)
-Where's Bunny? (Shonna)

Herriot, Trevor
-River in a Dry Land (Irene Roth)
-The Road is How (Irene Roth)

Hicks, Faith Erin
-War at Ellsmere (Pussreboots)

Higgins, Tim
-Bears on Broadway (RIEDELFascination)

Hill, Dan
-The Comeback (Brian Busby)

Hill, Lawrence
-The Illegal (Red 5)

Hill-Lehr, Andria
-Mona Parsons (Naomi)

Hilton, Kate
-Just Like Family (ShonnaKristilyn)

Hohn, Nadia L. & Irene Luxbacher
-Malaika's Winter Carnival (Pussreboots)

Hornby, Lance
-Toronto and the Maple Leafs (Teena)

Horvath, Polly
-The Night Garden (Pussreboots)

Hosking, Jay
-Three Years with the Rat (Pussreboots)

Houran, Lori Haskins
-Warts and All (Irene Roth)

Howe, Murray
-Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father (Teena, Irene Roth)

Huebert, David
-Peninsula Sinking (Naomi)

Humphries, Helen
-The Ghost Orchard (Irene RothShonna)

Hustak, Alan & Johanne Norchet
-Montreal (Irene Roth)

Hutchison, Margaret
-Tamarac (Leaves & Pages)

Hynes, Joel Thomas
-We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night (Naomi, Heather)

Igloliorte, Heather, ed.
-Sakkijajuk: Art & Craft from Nunatsiavut (Buried in Print)

Ignatieff, Michael
-Scar Tissue (Irene Roth)

Innes, Hammond
-The Land God Gave to Cain (Leaves & Pages)

Ipellie, Alootook
-Arctic Dreams & Nightmares (John Mutford)

Iskwé & Erin Leslie
-Will I See (John Mutford)

Jackson, Marni
-Don't I Know You? (Shonna)

-Crawl Space (John Mutford)

Jenkins, Carrie
-What Love Is (Irene Roth)

Jenkins, Steve, Derek Walter & Caprice Crane
-The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig (Luanne)

Jennings, Maureen
-Under the Dragon's Tail (Pussreboots)

Johnson, Elena
-Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra (Buried in Print)

Johnson, Pamela
-Canada: A Country for All Seasons (Irene Roth)

Johnson, Tyrell
-Wolves of Winter (Luanne, Swordsman, Shonna, Crystal)

Johnston, Angela Hovak
-Reawakening Our Ancestor's Lines (John Mutford)

Johnston, E.K.
-Exit, Pursued By a Bear (Sherrie)
-That Inevitable Victorian Thing (Crystal, Heather)

Johnston, Lyla June & Joy de Vito
-Lifting Hearts Off the Ground (Red 5)

Jones, Adam Garnet
-Firesong (Heather)

Kaan, Michael
-The Water Beetles (Buried in Print)

Kacer, Kathy
-To Hope and Back (Irene Roth)

Kalman, Bobbie
-Splash It Swimming (Irene Roth)

Katz, Anne & Monika Melnychuk
-Girl in the Know (Irene Roth)

Kaur, Rupi
-Milk & Honey (John Mutford)
-The Sun & Her Flowers (Irene Roth)

Kearsley, Susanna
-The Firebird (Red 5)
-Bellewether (Melwyk)

Kellough, Janet
-Wishful Seeing (Bill)

Kent, Jamie
-Paddling the Grand River (Irene Roth)

Kenyon, Laurie
-Learning to Yearn (Irene Roth)

Kerbel, Deborah & Suzanne del Rizzo
-Sun Dog (Shonna)

Kerr, Michael
-The Humor Advantage (Teena)

Kershaw, Linda
-Trees of Ontario (Irene Roth)

Khan, Ausma Zehanat
-The Unquiet Dead (Red 5)

Kidman Cox, Rosamund
-Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 25 (Pussreboots)

King, Thomas
-The Back of the Turtle (Buried in Print)
-The Truth About Stories (Irene Roth)

King, Wesley
-OCDaniel (Irene Roth)

Kita-Bradley, Linda
-How to Save Time (Irene Roth)

Klassen, Jon
-Triangle (Pussreboots)

Klengenberg, Christian
-Klengenberg of the Arctic (John Mutford)

Knowles, Mike
-Tin Men (Teena)
-Rocks Beat Paper (Teena)

Kobayashi, Tamai
-Prairie Ostrich (Janet)

Korman, Gordon
-Island: Shipwreck (Darlene)
-Island: Survival (Darlene)
-Island: Escape (Darlene)

Krishnaswami, Uma
-Step Up to the Plate, Maria Singh (Pussreboots)

Kureluk, William
-A Northern Nativity (RIEDEL Fascination)

Ladner, Keira L. & Myra J. Tait
-Surviving Canada (Irene Roth)

Laffoley, Steven
-A Halifax Christmas Carol (Naomi)

Langridge, Roger & Gisèle Lagacé
-Betty Boop (John Mutford)

Lapeña, Shari
-A Stranger in the House (Shonna, Darlene)

Lappano, Jon-Erik & Kellen Hatanaka
-Tokyo Digs a Garden (Irene Roth)

Latosik, Jeff
-Dreampad (Eric P)

Lau, Evelyn
-Fresh Girls & Other Stories (Eric P)

Laurence, Margaret
-The Stone Angel (Janet)
-The Fire-Dwellers (RIEDEL Fascination)

Lawson, Jon Arno & Sydney Smith
-Sidewalk Flowers (Irene Roth)

Leach, Norman S.
-Cavalry of the Air (Swordsman)

Leach, Sara
-Slug Days (Shonna)

LaRue, Monique
-Between Books: A Writer's Time (Buried in Print)

Lee, Nancy
-Dead Girls (Eric P.)

Lekich, John
-The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls (Shonna)

Lemire, Jeff
-Descender: Tin Stars (John Mutford)
-Roughneck (Pussreboots, Shonna)
-Black Hammer (Pussreboots)
-Black Hammer 2 (Pussreboots)
-Royal City (John Mutford)
-Sweet Tooth (Pussreboots)

Lennox, Doug
-Now You Know Canada (Irene Roth)

Lethbridge, Ann
-More Than a Lover (Shonna)

Lindhout, Amanda & Sara Corbett
-A House in the Sky (Irene Roth, Lisa)

Lisson, Lisa
-Resilience (Irene Roth)

Little, Jean
-His Banner Over Me (RIEDEL Fascination)

Lloyd Kyi, Tanya
-Nova Scotia (RIEDEL Fascination)

Lorinc, John et al
-The Ward (SwordsmanTeena)

Lui, Elaine
Listen to the Squawking Chicken (Irene Roth)

Lundrigan, Nicole
-Glass Boys (Janet)

Lyttle, Alex
-From Ant to Eagle (Pussreboots)

MacBeth, Hilliard
-When the Bubble Bursts (Irene Roth)

MacGregor, Roy & Kerry MacGregor
-The Ice Chips & the Magical Rink (Heather)

Mackenzie, Lee
-Charming Predator (Teena)

Maclear, Kyo 
-The Fog (with Kenard Pak (Pussreboots)
-Flo (with Jay Fleck) (ShonnaPussreboots)
-Good Little Book (with Marion Arbona) (Pussreboots)
-Bloom (with Julie Morstad)  (Pussreboots)

Maclennan, Hugh
-Barometer Rising (RIEDEL Fascination)

Macleod, Alistair
-No Great Mischief (Leaves & Pages)

MacLeod, Elizabeth
-Canada's Trees (Irene Roth)

Macmillan, Margaret
-History's People (Irene Roth)

Maharaj, Rabindranath
-Homer in Flight (Eric P)
-The Amazing Absorbing Boy (Eric P)

Majumdar, Anita
-The Fish Eyes trilogy (Eric P.)

Mandel, Emily St John
-Station Eleven (Crystal)

Maracle, Lee
-My Conversations with Canadians (Irene Roth)

Marais, Bianca
-Hum if you don't know the words (Naomi)

Marie, Annette
-The Red Winter trilogy (Crystal)

Marineau, Michele & Manon Gauthier
-Wash On! (Shonna)

Marquis, Greg
-Truth & Honour (TeenaSwordsman)

Marsden Mariah & Brenna Thummler 
-Anne of Green Gables adaptation (John Mutford)

Marshall, Debbie
-Firing Lines (Shonna)

Marshall, Susan
-Nemesis (Shonna)

Martel, Yann
-High Mountains of Portugal (Janet)

Marvin, Lee J.
-Li Bai's Shadow (Irene Roth)

Mastai, Elan
-All Our Wrong Todays (Pussreboots)

Matejova, Maria
-Wherever I Find Myself (Irene)

Mayr, Suzette
-Dr. Edith Vane & the Hares of Crawley Hall (Melwyk)

McBean, Marnie
-The Power of More (Irene Roth)

McCartney, Tania & Tina Snerling
-A Canadian Year (Irene Roth)

McClintock, Norah
-Break and Enter (Sherrie)

McCreesh, Alison
-Norths (John Mutford)

McCurdy, Diane
-How Much is Enough?  (Teena)

McFarlane, Leslie aka Franklin W. Dixon
-Mystery at Cabin Island (RIEDEL Fascination)

McGrath, Robin
-Coasting Trade (Lara Maynard)

-The Mighty Hughes (Bill)

McKenzie, Andrea & Jane Ledwell
-LM Montgomery & War (Irene Roth)

McKenzie, Catherine
-The Good Liar (Shonna)

McLachlin, Beverly
-Full Disclosure (Bill)

Mclayne, Alyson
-Highland Promise (Heather)

McMillan, Rachel
-The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder (Sherrie)
-The White Feather Murders (Sherrie)

McNamee, Graham
-Acceleration (Heather)

McPherson, David
-The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern (Teena)

Melick, Angela
-We Are the Engineers (Pussreboots)
-Welcome to the Real World (Pussreboots)

Merasty, Joseph Auguste with David Carpenter
-The Education of Augie Merasty (Red 5)

Mercer, George
-Dyed in the Green (Bill)

Meredith, Patricia & James L. Darroch
-Stumbling Giants (Irene Roth)

Michaels, F.S.
-Monoculture (Irene Roth)

Michaels, Sean
-Us Conductors (Pussreboots)

Michaud, Andrée A.
-Boundary (Naomi)

Miettunen, Anita
-Big Blue Forever (Irene Roth)

Millar, Margaret
-The Invisible Worm (Brian Busby)
-The Lively Corpse/Rose's Last Summer (Brian Busby)

Miller, Tony
-Daddy Hall (Buried in Print)

Mixter, Helen & Margarita Sada
-The Dog (Irene Roth)

Mlynowski, Sarah
-Fairest of All (Heather)
-Ten Things We Did (Pussreboots)
-Dragon Overnight (Pussreboots)

Montgomery, L.M.
-After Many Years (Melwyk, Irene Roth)
-Anne of Avonlea (Red 5)
-Jane of Lantern Hill (Raidergirl)

Moore, Christopher
-Miss Confederation: the diary of Mercy Anne Coles (Irene Roth)
-Big Book of Canada (Irene Roth)

Morgan, Lael
-Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush (John Mutford)

Morgan-Cole, Trudy J.
-Most Anything You Please (Naomi)

Moroney, Shannon
-Through the Glass (Teena)

Moss, Marissa & John Hendrix
-Nurse, Soldier, Spy (Pussreboots)

Mount, Nick
-Arrival:the story of Canlit (Buried in Print)

Munro, Alice
-Friend of My Youth (Eric P)
-Runaway (Janet)

Munsch, Robert & Mile Bolt
-Get Me Another One (Irene Roth)

Murphy, Matthew
-A Beckoning War (Naomi)

Nason, Riel
-Modern Selvage Quilting (Lisa)

Nawaz, Saleema
-Bone & Bread (Irene Roth)

Nemat, Marina
-Prisoner of Tehran (Irene)
-After Tehran (Irene)

Nesbitt, Karen
-Subject to Change (Irene Roth)

Newhouse, David R., et al.
-Hidden in Plain Sight (Irene Roth)

Neuvel, Sylvain
-Waking Gods (Shonna)

Norrie, Helen
-He Saw Himself in All His Creatures (RIEDEL Fascination)

Oachs, Emily Rose
-Canada (Irene Roth)

O'Connor, D'Arcy
-Secret Treasure of Oak Island (RIEDEL Fascination)

Ogilvie, C.L.
-Some Assistance Required (Janet)

O'Leary, Sara & Qin Leng
-A Family is a Family is a Family (Pussreboots)

O'Loughlin, Ed
-Minds of Winter (Naomi)

O'Neill, Heather
-The Lonely Hearts Hotel (Lara Maynard)

Oppel, Kenneth
-Skybreaker (Pussreboots)
-Airborn (Raidergirl)
-The Boundless (Sherrie)
-The Nest (Pussreboots)
-Every Hidden Thing (Pussreboots)
-Silverwing (John Mutford)

Ozeki, Ruth
-A Tale for the Time Being (HeatherRaidergirl)

Parker, Gilbert
-The Lane That Had No Turning (Brian Busby)

Parr, Jean
-Manitoba Stories (RIEDEL Fascination)

Pawelski, Ele
-The Finest Supermarket in Kabul (Shonna)

Pecover, J.
-Works of Justice: the Trials of Robert Raymond Cook (Bill)

Penny, Louise
-Glass Houses (LuanneShonnaRaidergirl, Mary R., Bill)
-The Murder Stone (RIEDEL Fascination)
-Still Life (Janet)

Person, Cea Sunrise
-North of Normal (Luanne)

Peterkin, Allan D.
-The Flyaway Blanket (Irene Roth)

Peterman, Michael
-Sisters in Two Worlds (Raidergirl)

Peters, P.J.
-Driftwood & other poems (RIEDELFascination)

Peterson, Zoey Leigh
-Next Year For Sure (NaomiCrystal)

Picard, André
-Matters of Life and Death (Irene Roth)

Pickersgill, J.W.
-Louis St Laurent (Irene Roth)

Plett, Casey
-A Safe Girl to Love (Pussreboots)

Poplak, Lorna
-Drop Dead (Teena)

Porter, Helen
-Below the Bridge (Lara Maynard)

Poulin, Jacques
-Volkswagen Blues (Pussreboots, Leaves & Pages)

Poulson, David A.
-Serpents Rising (Teena)
-Dead Air (Teena)
-Last Song Sung (Teena)

Pountney, Christine
-Sweet Jesus (Irene Roth)

Priemaza, Anna
-Kat and Meg Conquer the World (Heather)

Preston, Brent
-The New Farm (Teena)

Purchase, Elizabeth
-Warm for Winter (Irene Roth)

Pyper, Andrew
-The Only Child (Lisa, Irene Roth)

Rakoff, Ruth
-When My World Was Very Small (Irene Roth)

Ramadan, Ahmed Danny
-The Clothesline Swing (Crystal)

Raughley, Sarah
-Fate of Flames (Shonna)

Redhill, Michael
-Bellevue Square (LuanneNaomiLisa)

Reichs, Kathy
-Devil Bones (Lisa)
-Cross Bones (Lisa)
-Grave Secrets (Lisa)
-Bones of the Lost (Mary R)

Reid, Iain
-I'm Thinking of Ending Things (WendyPussreboots, Irene Roth)

Renzetti, Elizabeth
-Shrewed (Shonna, Irene Roth)

Reynolds, Christopher & Wendy Moran
-East Coast Crafted (Teena)

Richardson, Sarah
-At Home Sarah Style (Irene Roth)

Richler, Mordecai
-Joshua Then & Now (Mary R)
-O Canada, O Quebec (Mary R)
-The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (Eric P)
-The Street (Eric P.)
-The Great Comic Book Heroes (Leaves & Pages)

Ripley, Nathan
-Find You in the Dark (Luanne)

Robinson, Eden
-Son of a Trickster (Naomi)

Robinson, Peter
-Sleeping in the Ground (Luanne)
-Gallows View (Mary R)
-A Dedicated Man (Mary R)

Rose, Rachel
-Thirteen Ways of Looking at Canlit (Buried in Print)

Rosenblum, Rebecca
-So Much Love (Naomi)

Ross, W.E.D.
-Lust Planet (Brian Busby)
-Backstage Nurse; written as Jane Rossiter (Brian Busby)

Rotenberg, Robert
-Heart of the City (Teena, Luanne, Bill)

Roy, Gabrielle
-The Tin Flute (RIEDEL Fascination)

Sadai, Jenn
-Cottage Cheese Thighs (Shonna)

Sadler, Judy Ann & Vigg
-Nothing Happens in this Book (Luanne)

Saunders, Doug
-Maximum Canada (Irene Roth)

Savage, Candace
-Crows (Raidergirl, Melwyk, Irene Roth)

Schatzker, Mark
-The Dorito Effect (Raidergirl)

Schwarz, Herbert T.
-Tuktoyaktuk 2-3 (John Mutford)

Sellars, Bev
-They Called Me Number One (Red5, John Mutford)

-Dominion (Eric P)
-Wimbledon Green (Eric P)
-GNBCC (Eric P)

Shapton, Leanne
-Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry (Buried in Print)

Shields, Carol
-Box Garden (Brian Busby)

Shields, Carol and Patrick Crowe
-Susanna Moodie: Roughing It In The Bush (Raidergirl)

Shirtliffe, Leanne & Georgia Graham
-Saving Thunder the Great (John Mutford)

Sibbeston, Nick
-You Will Wear a White Shirt (John Mutford)

Silverthorne, Judith
-Ghosts of Government House (RIEDEL Fascination)

Simmons, Shannon Lee
-Worry Free Money (Irene Roth)

Simpson, Anne
-An Orange from Portugal (Red 5)

Sinclair, Bertrand W.
-Land of Frozen Suns (Brian Busby)

Skuy, David
-Run (Irene Roth)

Smith, Goldwin
-Canada and the Canadian Question (Pussreboots)

Snyder, Carrie 
-Girl Runner (Irene Roth)

Snyder, Scott & Jeff Lemire
-A.D. After Death (John Mutford)

Somerville, Alana
-Holding On To Normal (Irene Roth)

Sooley, Jill
-The Widows of Paradise Bay (Irene Roth)

Spalding, Linda
-The Purchase (Heather)

Spence, Janis
-On the Beach in Spanish Room (Lara Maynard)

Stapley, Marissa
-Things to Do When It's Raining (Shonna)

St James, Simone
-Lost Among the Living (RIEDEL Fascination)
-The Broken Girls (Melwyk)

St John, Dennis
-Yellowknife (John Mutford)

Stein, Murray B & John R. Walker
-Triumph Over Shyness (Irene Roth)

Stevens, Chevy
-Those Girls (Sherrie)
-Never Let You Go (Darlene)

Stewart, Ron
-Mystery of the Lost Lemon Mine (RIEDEL Fascination)

Stocks, Cassie
-Dance, Gladys, Dance (Irene Roth)

Stone, Danika
-Internet Famous (Pussreboots)

Stratten, Scott
-Unmarketing (Teena)
-QR Codes Kill Kittens (Teena)
-The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome (Teena)

Strobel, Tony
-Walt Disney's Pluto (RIEDEL Fascination)

Summers, Courtney
-All the Rage (Crystal)
-This Is Not A Test (Darlene)
-Please Remain Calm (Darlene)

Swanson, Diane 
-Canada's Bugs (Irene Roth)

Szalay, David
-All That Man Is (Shonna)

Taggart, Jeremy & Jonathan Torrens
-Canadianity (Irene Roth, Teena, Raidergirl)

Talkington, Bruce
-Boo To You, Winnie the Pooh (RIEDEL Fascination)

Tamaki, Jillian
-Boundless (Pussreboots)

Taylor, Kate
-Serial Monogamy (Janet)

Taylor, Sara
-Boring Girls (Janet)

Thomas, Mike
-You Might Remember Me (Teena)

Thuy, Kim
-Vi (Eric P., Melwyk)

Timmer, Julie Lawson
-Mrs. Saint and the Defectives (Pussreboots)

Todd, Jack
Rose & Poe (Naomi)

Toews, Miriam
-The Flying Troutmans (Pussreboots, Irene Roth)
-Swing Low (Red5)
-A Complicated Kindness (Eric P.)

Tootoo, Jordin & Stephen Brunt
-All the Way: My Life on Ice (John Mutford)

Trachsel Green, Tarra
-Sammy Swan's Summer Adventure (Irene Roth)

Treliving, Jim
-Decisions (Bill)

Trotter, Kathleen
-Finding Your Fit (Teena)

Trudell, William and Lorene Shyba
-More Tough Crimes (Bill)

Tucker, K.A.
-Keep Her Safe (TeenaKaley)
-Until It Fades (Irene Roth)

Turok, Neil
-Universe Within (Irene Roth)

Urquhart, Doug
-Eyes of the Husky (John Mutford)

Urquhart, Jane
-Night Stages (Lara Maynard)
-The Underpainter (Mary R.)

Van Camp, Richard & Monique Gray Smith
-When We Play our Drums They Sing / Lucy & Lola (John Mutford)

Vanderhaeghe, Guy
-Things As They Are? (Eric P)

Vanier, Jean
-Signs of the Times (Irene Roth)

VanSickle, Vikki
-Summer Days, Starry Nights (Irene Roth)

Vasey, Paul
-A Troublesome Boy (Shonna)

Vermette, Katherena 
-A Girl Called Echo (with Scott B. Henderson)  (John Mutford)
-North End Love Songs  (Red5)

Verstraete, Larry
-Lost Treasures (Irene Roth)

Wagamese, Richard
-Embers (Red 5, Swordsman)
-Indian Horse (Red 5)

Wagner, Harmony
-Queen of the Crows (Janet)

Wallin, Pamela
-The Comfort of Cats (RIEDEL Fascination)

Walmsley, Ann
-The Prison Book Club (Red5)

Walsh, Mary
-Crying for the Moon (John Mutford, Teena)

Walter, Emmanuelle
-Stolen Sisters (Red 5)

Watson, Sophie B.
-Cadillac Couches (Pussreboots, Irene Roth)

Watt, Alison
-Dazzle Patterns (Naomi)

Watt-Cloutier, Sheila
-The Right to Be Cold (Red 5)

Webb, Phyllis
-Peacock Blue (Eric P)

Wees, Frances Shelley
-Where is Jenny Now? (Brian Busby)

Wesley, Gloria Ann
-Chasing Freedom (Janet)

Whitehead, Ruth Holmes
-The Mi'kmaq (Lara Maynard)

Whittingham, Jane & Noel Tuazon
-Wild One (Shonna, Irene Roth)

Wiebe, Sam
-Cut You Down (Teena, Bill)

Weinzweig, Helen
-Passing Ceremony (Eric P)

Wiersma, Robert J.
-Before I Wake (Darlene)

Wilkshire, Nick
-The Moscow Code (Teena)

Willems-Snopek, Roxanne
-Great Cat Stories (RIEDELFascination)

Willis, Deborah
-The Dark and other love stories (Shonna)

Wilson, Ethel
-Hetty Dorval (Leaves & Pages, Eric P.)
-Swamp Angel (Leaves & Pages, John Mutford)

Wilson, M.A.
-Adventure on Whalebone Island (Pussreboots)

Wilson, Tom
-Beautiful Scars (Teena, Heather)

Wilton Katz, Welwyn
-Time Ghost (Pussreboots)

Winters, Michelle
-I Am a Truck (Naomi)

Wolfe, Margie
-150 Fascinating Facts about Canadian Women (Teena)

Wronski, Gareth
-Holly Farb & the Princess of the Galaxy (Irene Roth)

Wynne-Jones, Tim
-Blink & Caution (Sherrie)

Yaffe, David
-Reckless Daughter: a Portrait of Joni Mitchell (Mary R)

Yakeleya, Raymond & Deborah Desmarais
-The Tree By the Woodpile (John Mutford)

Young, Nora
-The Virtual Self (Irene Roth)

Zentner, Alexi
-Touch (Naomi)

If you find any missing or incorrect links please let me know either in the comments or a quick email. Thanks!


And here are the final challenge levels we reached in the 11th Annual Canadian Book Challenge!

TransCanada Highway (13+)

Irene Roth (190)

Melwyk (17)

CanAm Highway (12)


TransLabrador Highway (11)

Queen Elizabeth Way (10)

James Bay Road (9)

Dempster Highway (8)

Coquihalla Highway (7)

ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian) Highway (6)

Klondike Highway (5)

Icefields Parkway (4)

Cabot Trail (3)


Charlottetown Perimeter Highway (2)

Alert to Alert Airport Road (1)



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  2. Thanks for the summary list . I actually made it to 18 according to it. I had lost track along the way. It is interesting to see so many authors and so many differnt titles. wow. so many more to read.


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