Tuesday, August 01, 2017

August is Women in Translation Month!

And here it is, August again! I will be reading along with #WomenInTranslation month, created and hosted by Meytal at Biblibio.

This is an initiative to increase the visibility and enjoyment of women's writing in translation. According to her stats, only 30% of translated fiction is by women. We need to read and share and encourage more publication of women's writing. If you want more statistical info and great analysis of the state of women's writing in translation, you must check out her blog.

I have a list of potential reads for this month, but knowing me I will probably not stick to this list -- and most likely not read them all! But these are a few titles that are at the top of my list at this point.

Compartment No. 6 / Rosa Liksom (I'm about halfway through now)

Girls of Riyadh / Rajaa Alsanea

My Brilliant Friend / Elena Ferrante

Moomins Series / Tove Jansson 

If you want to see what I read during last August's Reading Challenge month, which was made up of a lot of French Canadian writing, you can see that list here.

And here are the women in translation that I've read and reviewed in the year in between #WITMonth 2016 & 2017: I honestly thought there were a lot more. I do have a few titles that I've finished but not yet shared that I will be reviewing during this month.... those titles to come!

Read & Reviewed 2016-2017

The Silent Rooms / Anne Hebert; translated from the French by Kathy Mezei

The Tin Flute / Gabrielle Roy; translated from the French by Alan Brown

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem / Sarit Yishai-Levi; translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris

The Party Wall / Catherine Leroux; translated from the French by Lazer Laderhendler

How about you? Will you be reading along at all? What are some of your favourite books by women in translation? Do you have a favourite translator?


  1. I'll be reading along. For now, I offer two of my favourite translations of books by women:

    Gabrielle Roy's Alexandre Chenevert (translated as The Cashier by Harry Binsse)

    Claire Martin's Doux-amer (translated as The Best Man by David Lobdell)

    Both translated by men, I note, though my favourite translator is a woman: Sheila Fischman!

    1. She's my favourite translator too :)
      Thanks for reading along - those are both great suggestions.

  2. Enjoy the Moomins - they're great!



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