Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Canada Day!

In these parts it was a holiday yesterday, a national holiday to celebrate Canada Day!

I sat outside and read, and drank red cocktails, and then worked on some sewing a bit later on in the day...all in all, a very relaxing break. Cheers everyone!

I was in such holiday mood that I didn't even turn on the computer yesterday, thus my Canadian Book Challenge 8  post is coming to you a day late. But still oh, so, Canadian!

John at the Book Mine Set created and has been hosting the Canadian Book Challenge since its inception, and it's always great fun. I've been doing it each year, and I still find Canadian titles new to me thanks to the other readers. It runs July 1 - July 1, and it's always fun to begin a new challenge in the middle of the year!

The "challenge" part of it is to read and review 13 Canadian books -- originally it was one from each province, thus the number 13. But these days anything goes! If you read 13 books, you reach the finish line -- read John's full instructions for all the details.

For version 7, I read and reviewed 41 books. For this upcoming year, I'm challenging myself to beat that total. Plus I'm going to carry on with my attempt to make 13 of my reads epistolary novels -- I'll allow myself rereads but am open to any suggestions -- please share if you have a favourite Canadian epistolary novel.

Happy (late) Canada Day and hope you are all planning a luxurious summer of reading.


  1. I hope you had a lovely holiday! Tomorrow is the 4th of July--Independence Day here in America--and I'm looking forward to fireworks and the family BBQ. Isn't summer great?

    1. Happy July 4th -- enjoy yourself!

  2. Happy Belated Canada Day. Sewing *after* cocktails? I can't even imagine! But,then again, I might need some cocktails to get me to sit down at a machine after having survived so many years of inept HomeEc studies in school. But that's me: I was reading, not sewing, on Tuesday. One trick pony, er moose. I didn't join last year's challenge because I was finding it hard to keep the updates current, but I might have a plan for this year to make that easier to manage. Good luck with your reading: 13 Canadian epistolary novels might be a challenge for some other reader but I look forward to your findings!

    1. Well, the sewing came a great while after the cocktails ;) But perhaps doing them concurrently would result in a fabulous 'designer' look...

      Yes, I was doing some reading as well, it was such a perfect day for being outside. I'm investigating some epistolary options and hope to make some discoveries. Will look forward to your reads too, you always find new and interesting titles.


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