Friday, January 17, 2014

Buying It

My Barbara Pym tote bag that I received from Thomas at My Porch as a prize during Barbara Pym Reading Week has finally fulfilled its destiny...

I was in "the city" today and squeezed in time to visit  Steven Temple Books for a last go at his large collection -- his is another second hand shop that is closing down, sadly enough.

Here's what happened.

Eminently suitable
Everything unpacked!
In case you can't see those clearly, I found:

3 Margaret Millar titles, Spider Webs, Banshee, and Beyond this Point are Monsters;
2 Pyms, Civil to Strangers & Other writings and A Lot to Ask;
2 Viragos, E.M. Delafield's Thank Heaven Fasting and Phyllis Shand Allfrey's The Orchid House;
Margery Sharp's The Gipsy in the Parlour;
Carol Shields & Blanche Howard's epistolary novel A Celibate Season;
Vera Brittain's Testament of Friendship (lucky find!);
and a very unusual British ARC of Monica Dickens' The Room Upstairs

Very pleased with these finds!


  1. What a lovely lot of books! I am especially envious of the Brittain, mine is an unattractive battered old paperback that I hope to replace some day. And Viragos are sadly so rare around here. Happy reading!

  2. Viragos are infrequent, but truly rare are Persephones -- I've only ever seen 2 (and bought them both!)

  3. I'm sorry that the bookstore is closing but you were very lucky! I loved Testament of Friendship -- a very moving account of a sad time, not just for VB and WH but for the planet. I've always wanted to read The Gypsy in the Parlour so will look forward to reading what you think.

    1. Yes, too many bookstores closing! But I am glad I found both of those titles. Margery Sharp is so hard to find.

  4. What a bunch of treasures: enjoy!

  5. Nice book haul! Good for you.

    1. I was lucky I found time to get there, and was delighted to find so many great choices.

  6. Looks like a great haul. Enjoy!

  7. Sad that another bookstore will be gone!


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