Monday, November 04, 2013

Postal Reading Challenge: Reminders and reportage

My October was a whirlwind, and I neglected to talk about the final quarter of the Postal Reading Challenge!

If you've been reading along as a participant, don't forget to add your reviews and final roundup links to the appropriate posts -- and if you think you want to jump in now and get some epistolary reading in before the end of the year, you can do that too! -- all the links to sign up, wrap up, and link up pages can be found on the "gateway" post for your convenience (found any time by clicking the icon in the sidebar)

The Postal Reading Challenge has been really enjoyable, and has multiple levels for participation -- from 4 books over the year up to 12 books, as well as writing your own letters too. I'm sure that with Christmas card season coming up, each of us will be able to meet the "send 12 letters" part of this challenge easily (if you still send actual cards of course, which I do)

I'm thinking about next year's challenge already, and possible adaptations and additions...I'll post something soon about that.

For now, I wanted to share some new finds and inspiration for those of us intrigued by the epistolary tradition. Some books to track down, and some letter-ish goodies to covet!

First off, check out some of the neat things on my Going Postal Pinterest board -- I try to add new things to this all the time. This is one thing I particularly love:

Postal Print Scarf

I also have a Postal Reading Challenge Pinterest board set up, so feel free to like and share from the titles read by our participants in that way too.

Now here's a brand-new book that I just came across today: To The Letter by Simon Garfield. It's an instant must-read. Great subject, of course, and the author also wrote a marvellous book about the discovery of the synthetic colour Mauve a few years ago. I loved that book so have great hopes for this one too; his writing style is very accessible and he seems to notice all the social implications of his topic, so I know this is a book I am going to have to get my hands on!

Good luck to everyone finishing up their postal reading, I hope that I'll see a few more reviews in before year's end. Please share any fabulous epistolary finds you've made recently in the comments, as well!

And here is the very cute clothing label that references our postal theme, mentioned by Suko in the comments below. She was kind enough to send a photo to satisfy my curiosity -- hope you enjoy too.


  1. This is an interesting reading challenge and I'm sorry that I have not had the time to participate yet. I am not very good at reading challenges.

    I noticed my daughter's T-shirt has a cute label that looks like a tiny letter.

    1. That's a cute detail to notice on your daughter's shirt! I love seeing mail-themed things everywhere, once you start looking ;)

      I'm not so great at reading challenges either, even my own! I just like the theme to get me reading a bit more and keep me thinking about possible reads....because I need more.... ;)

  2. I will be adding a review to your linky for this challenge very soon. Please stay tuned, Melwyk! :)

  3. That Garfield book looks interesting! Looking forward to what you have to say about it. I didn't do very well reading for the challenge this last quarter. Did well at writing letters and getting books in the mail though :)

    1. I didn't do so well at reading postally in the last quarter either -- or even writing so many letters as I'd planned. Getting books in the mail certainly counts as postal participation ;)


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