Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday Snapshot: Piper Down!

This is a photo I snapped during my trip back to Montreal a few months ago. Downtown, at Ogilvie's department store, the noon hour is marked by having a piper march out the front door and around the building to re-enter by the side door (which incidentally used to lead directly to their book/stationery department, thus was always my favoured entrance!)

At this particular moment I just happened to be across the street and snapped a quick pic, only realizing later that the window models were also very interested in what was going on. What do you suppose they were thinking?

Is there anything under that kilt?

Thank you Alyce, for hosting this terrific Saturday Snapshot meme @ At Home With Books.  


  1. They're probably thinking "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing knee highs with a skirt." ;-)

  2. softdrink, hahaha! At least he isn't wearing sandals as well ;)

  3. My eye went to the mannequins first, so I'm glad you included the backstory for the piper. As for whether he's wearing anything under the kilt - I'd sure hope so! :)

  4. Haha yes that's probably just what they're thinking! I love Montreal for the vibrant outdoor/sidewalk/city street busy-ness of it all. There always seem to be some interesting characters like this fellow on every block.

    Great picture :)

  5. Heh. That's Piper McBear. He piped at Cat's wedding.

  6. Melwyk, what a GREAT pic.
    For a minimum of two reasons:
    1) I LOVE Montreal..... fabulous city.
    2) I LOVE the movie So I Married An Axe Murderer, which, I am assuming you borrowed your title from. The wedding scene, "We've got a piper dooon. I repeat, a piper is dooon" by Mike Myers is one of my all-time classic pieces of cinema. One of the best movies of all time.
    Another fave line from that movie, again, Mike Myers as the dad -- "Why don't ye show the picture where ye shat your pants at Niagara Falls!"
    Classic fall-off-the-chair funny.

  7. What a fun photo! I love the composition with the piper in front of the stone wall and the models in the windows.

  8. Alyce- that's the old joke, but it sure looked like these mannequins were thinking it! It was fairly chilly that day so I hope for his sake there was something there ;)

    Trish - I too love Montreal. I lived there for quite a while but hadn't been back in years. It was wonderful to see all the old haunts and experience that "busy-ness" again

    Sassymonkey - haha, why am I not surprised that you know this poor gent that I am ascribing risque notions to?

    Joy - thanks! I was quite pleased with the way it turned out -- hadn't really planned the models but I love it :)

  9. Cip - yes, I too love Montreal. And yes, I love So I Married an Axe Murderer which is indeed where I borrowed the title from ;) "We've got a piper doon!" makes me laugh every time. And Mike Myers as his father, oh my. My fave line is "he's got a gargantuan cranium... it's like an orange on a toothpick" Don't know why but I crack up every time. Like you say, classic.

  10. Indeed Melwyk, there are just so many classic pieces in that film.... like the beat poetry sessions, too.
    "Wo-man! Wooooo--man!"
    Stuff like that. And the orange on a toothpick, for sure...... "'s got it's own atmosphere!"
    Kills me!

  11. Great picture. And I think I might need to check out So I Married An Axe Murderer! Wayne's World is one of my favourite ever movies. I can certainly see the appeal.

  12. Louise, I hope you will enjoy! As you can tell, both Cipriano and I find it quite quotable ;)

  13. Nothing is worn. Everything is in perfect working order. ;-)

  14. Really ladies, this is ALL you need to know.


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