Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pilish or Perish!

I've been so busy that time has flown.... It has been two weeks since I've posted anything at all here, sadly enough. I promise you all that I have been reading!

So today is a day to return and celebrate Pi Day at the same time -- do you know about Pi Day? It's great fun to celebrate 3.14 on 03/14 each year.

My husband discovered some great Pi Day fun, including Pilish. And attempted a tweet sized poem using this style of writing.

You can actually use the day to focus on some science-based activities for kids, using Pi -- there are lots of ideas online -- whether you are a parent or a teacher.

Although random holidays are always fun, and I'm delighted to have discovered Pilish, my favourite way to celebrate is still with some PIE that is DELISH!

Saskatoon Berry Pie, by the way. What is your favourite?


  1. Yay for Pi! I celebrated too with pie. Mine was strawberry :)

  2. ah, no, I forgot! I KNEW something happened on the 14th but it didn't connect in my mind. :(

  3. Stefanie - strawberry is good -- also with rhubarb, mmm

    Kailana - well, it's always a good time for pie :)

  4. Thanks for the link to my Saskatoon Berry Pie. It is a traditional Canadian prairie recipe and a family favourite! YOURS looks Smashing! :)

  5. Canadian Foodie - thanks for sharing such a great recipe -- making from frozen sounds wonderful. I'm originally from Saskatchewan so have a real weakness for anything made with Saskatoons ;)

  6. Oh this pie! I love Saskatoon berries. I have a tree in the backyard. Sometimes I even get a morsel of fruit before the robins clean it out...!

    I'll have to find another source of the the stuff and give the recipe a whirl.

  7. Ahhh, I LOVE the Saskatoon pie. But for sure my all-time favorite pie is my mom's rhubarb pie. I've even immortalized it in poetry:

    She also made a mean Boston Cream Pie. Mmmmm.... sheesh, now it's the middle of the night and you've made me hungry!

  8. carin - I keep thinking about planting a couple of saskatoon bushes in my yard some year...if they grew and if the birds would leave some for me, I could pick my own...Fortunately I can buy frozen at my local health food store but they are a bit expensive!

    Cip - I made you hungry? Somehow I don't think that's a miraculous feat...but at least it's for pie and not hamburgers!! ;)

    I do love rhubarb as well -- and what a great way to commemorate it with poetry! I remember once someone at a dinner party asked one of those questions people do ask "what kind of pie would you want if you could only choose 3 to eat for the rest of your life" and I said rhubarb, saskatoon and peach, to blank stares from the apple and lemon meringue crowd ;)


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