Sunday, January 22, 2012

Science Book Challenge 2012!

So glad to see that the Science Book Challenge is running again for 2012! I love this challenge and have tried to read for it each year since it began. It is hosted by Jeff from Scienticity, a science education non-profit in the States. The rules are easy as pi! (love that!) They begin:

Read three (or more!) nonfiction books in 2012 related to the theme "Science & Culture". Your books should have something to do with science, scientists, how science operates, or the relationship of science with our culture. Your books might be popularizations of science, they might be histories, they might be biographies, they might be anthologies; they can be recent titles or older books, from the bookstore or your local library. We take a very broad view of what makes for interesting and informative science reading, looking for perspectives on science as part of culture and history.

After you've read a book, write a short note about it giving your opinions of the book. Tell us what you'd tell a friend if you wanted to convince your friend to read it--or avoid it.......

As part of this Challenge, your reviews can be added as "Book Notes" to their database of science books recommended by readers, with a straightforward rating scheme. If you love reading science-related books and want to help build a community of reviews supporting this area of reading, please join in with this very relaxed and engaging Challenge. Also, you can join the new Facebook Group for the Challenge as well if you'd like to have ongoing discussion of books and science-y themes.

I'll be reading spontaneously for this, as the last couple of years I've failed miserably at reading the books on my premade lists! Any suggestions are welcome, although currently I'm thinking about reading The Poisoner's Handbook and/or Henrietta Lacks...

Looking forward to participating in this one once again... Join us!


Intersecting Sets / Alice Major
Fooling Houdini / Alex Stone


  1. Oh, I really want to do this and I've already joined enough challenges for this year. But... I love, love, love science-related books.

    I highly recommend Henrietta Lacks, it was one of my top ten last year.

  2. Leslie - you can join and review books that you might just be reading anyhow! Only three required...and I only read one last year ;) Glad to hear you recommend Henrietta Lacks.

  3. This is one of my favorite challenges, even though I only managed to read one book last year.

  4. Gavin - I know, time flies! But I'm giving this another go this year and hope to get to three :)


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