Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Snapshot

I've never played along with Alyce's "Saturday Snapshot" meme before, but having seen it over at Bookpuddle a few times now, and even having my other half participate before I did, I decided to share a recent photo of my own.

This is the snow labyrinth I built on New Year's Eve day (well, it turned out to be half snow and half mud, thanks to our weirdly warm weather). I, and a few others, walked the labyrinth considering our year just passing, and what we wanted the year ahead to look like. It was a very nice day :)


  1. That is just the coolest thing! No pun intended, I swear. :)

  2. Andi - perhaps it will be cooler next year if our winter weather is more normal?

    Mary - definitely a new tradition! It was wonderful.

  3. What a creative idea for a snowy day!

  4. That is like CRAZY AMAZING!
    It looks like something done by..... aliens!
    Wow, I clicked on it and the enlarged version is so mesmerizing -- I had to shut it off because I could feel a religious experience coming on, and I've already had too many of those in my life. But WOW!
    Truly remarkable.
    Plus, how did you get such an overhead aerial shot?

  5. Alyce -thanks!

    Cip - Maybe the same aliens who've been building in your neighbourhood have stopped by.... as for the angle, just behind us is a footbridge that rises about 15 feet -- it used to cross a railway line that doesn't exist any longer

  6. Enjoyed looking at the photograph!

    Here is my Saturday

  7. Cool! I like the angle. That is a very conveniently located footbridge. :)

  8. That is very cool looking. And it turned out so symmetrial, like the alien crop circles!

  9. I love it!!! We have enough land to do this. I'm going to file it away for next year.

  10. Gautami - thanks for stopping by...your Saturday Snapshot looks much warmer than mine :)

    Kailana - thanks! I love the "Bridge to Nowhere" - and am glad that they left it as part of the park even if its original purpose is no longer is useful in other ways, as you can see!

    Leslie & Marie - it's actually fairly easy to create the Classical labyrinth pattern - there is a seed pattern that you begin with and it all follows from there. For an example see this labyrinth site

  11. That's fantastic. What a fun way to spend your day- and contemplative too.

  12. Heh! How cool is that? What a great idea to make it out of snow.

  13. Louise - it is a very contemplative experience. I love it.

    Carin - thanks! I was pleased with how it turned out.

    Trish - I had planned on a bit more snow, but people didn't seem to mind the mud, and the contrast looks great from above! ;)


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