Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Year in First Lines

And it is that time of year again, to do a blogging round-up by sharing the first line of the first post of every month. It always reveals something about the arc of the year, at least as it pertains to my reading life. I usually wait until the week after Christmas to share all these year-end wrap up posts, but I was working on this one on a lazy week-before-Christmas afternoon and thought I'd share right now :)

The "rules" are simple: Take the first line of each month's post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year.

A suitable book with which to begin a new year full of bookish talk and reviews, The Dodecahedron is all about books, text, and the elusive nature of written truth.

Chinese New Year this year falls on February 3rd, and to continue a tradition, here is a book list featuring rabbits, in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit.

All of [Penelope] Lively's work seems to focus on the vagaries of memory; how remembering occurs, what the past means to us in the present, what is remembered and what is not.

This post is part of a blog tour for Marthe Jocelyn's latest book. [Scribbling Women]

This is an extraordinary book [The Forest Horses by Byrna Barclay]

For my first day [of the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge], I wanted to ease into create something small that I'd never tried before.

Today is the opening Readathon for the kickoff of the Canadian Book Challenge 5!

My recent holiday took me away from my blog for longer than I'd expected!

Hurrah! It's hard to believe but it's
RIP (Readers Imbibing Peril) time again.

This is the last posthumous work by Saramago -- I recently
read his memoir, translated after his death; it was very Saramago, and I enjoyed it very much.

This charming book -- from the author probably best known for Love, Loss and What I Wore -- came to me via TLC Book Tours.

This is a charming book; I received it via John's
Canadian Book Challenge, quite a while ago, and have finally finished it!

That pretty much sums up the year: lots of books and reading; a little excursion into creative pursuits and holidays in the summer; and finishing up with two apparently charming books! Quite reflective of this year's reading progress :)

If you try this, please leave a link so we can all enjoy your first-line round-up as well!


  1. Ha, your first lines are always so much more erudite than mine! But this year I'm actually quite impressed by how my first lines reflect the shape of my blogging year. Scanty and not terribly impressive in the middle months, and starting to get much better by the end of the year...

  2. Thanks for dropping by and sharing yours as well. I think your lines really carry a story! This is fun, isn't it? :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your first lines. This meme marks time in a "bookish" way!

    I've done this terrific meme three years in a row. Here's my latest one:

  4. Cute! I'll be doing this meme too.

  5. What a great idea. I've just followed suit.

  6. Thanks - that was fun although mine seem very boring!

  7. Aww! This was fun! Thanks for this - was good to do while I'm unwell and the weather is horrible out there!

    Mine is here:


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