Thursday, August 04, 2011

Everything Beautiful Began on Holiday!

My recent holiday took me away from my blog for longer than I'd expected! It was a great holiday and I wasn't around the computer much. So of course I have many reviews to catch up on, because the actual reading of books didn't really cease at the same time ;)

This is what I have to inspire me to get back into blogging: a lovely tote and Simon Van Booy's newest, Everything Beautiful Began After, from Harper Perennial (they're thematically linked as well; there's a quote from Van Booy on the other side of the bag). What a great pair of bookish delights!

As for the holiday, well, I was all over the place. For example, in the Rockies of Alberta:

And then closer to home, I visited "Castle Kilbride", an 1877 mansion restored to glory -- and museum status -- by the town of Baden. It was quite lovely.

In fact, when it was built it was so fancy that it even had a proverbially-constructed double privy out back. Pretty fancy stuff! (no longer in use, of course...)

There were a few more outings but now it is back to the old routine: work and read and work again. Hopefully the relaxation effect will last as long as possible!


  1. Looks like a great trip! I keep hearing good things about Simon van Booy. I must read him at some point...

  2. What a fun vacation: thanks for sharing a couple photos! And pretty tote bag. :D

  3. Kailana & Eva - glad to see someone is still reading my poor neglected blog ;) Yes, you should read Van Booy as well - he's charming.

  4. Oh man, what luxury! Even the privy is classy, hee! It sounds like you had a great holiday. I'm kind of envious about the Rockies. I haven't been there since the mid-80s, even though I lived back home in Calgary through the entire 90s. (I guess I just wanted the Rockies to be there on the horizon, even if I didn't visit.)

    Anyway, glad to see you active again!

  5. So pleased to see pictures! (And having recently read Thomas Wharton's Icefields was particularly happy to see the shot of the Rockies.)

  6. Phyl - isn't it great? I found it amusing. It was lovely to see the Rockies again...lucky for me my parents are in that part of the world so I have an excuse to visit fairly regularly though I've never lived in Alberta.

    BIP - I loved Icefields! I often think of that book when I'm out there and driving about in the mountains :)

  7. Ahhh -- such lovely photos. You make me pine away for my own holiday I had in Vernon and Kelowna and Nanaimo B.C. this summer. It was so glorious.
    Canada is so beautiful.
    Now, it is SO back to reality!


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