Thursday, January 07, 2010

For your Viewing Pleasure

I've just found an amazing documentary on TVO (TV Ontario)entitled Empire of the Word.

It is all about the genesis, purpose, meaning and future of reading. It is narrated by Alberto Manguel and so far is quite wonderful (I have only watched Part I thus far).

Here is a trailer - I hope everyone will be able to view it. If you are sufficiently intrigued, click on the title of the show above to find all four episodes.


  1. I need to move to Canada! TVO won't let me watch the videos. :-(

    The trailer looked amazing, though.

  2. softdrink - you could watch the trailer, though?

  3. Ok, sorry all non-Canadians... you will have to wait until it appears in your country... it is apparently going to be shown elsewhere soonish

  4. I soooo dislike this borderizing of the internet. It wasn't supposed to be this way, but the marketers have destroyed the freedom. Again. *sigh*

    I knew this series was on, and for some reason, I kept having something else I ended up doing on those nights. So I really need to watch it online. I love documentaries about language, science, or mathematics.

  5. Phyl - me too, it is so aggravating.

    I hadn't even heard about this (I only get one channel and TVO is not it) so was pretty glad to come across it online.


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