Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas time is here....

Oh, it is that time of year again, the time when whole days disappear and you don't even realize that it has been a week since you read anything or even looked at your own blog....yes, Christmas time. I can't believe how neglectful I have been of my own reading and of my poor little blog in the last few weeks. Christmas is a busy time and I have been busy, doing quite a bit of sewing which I can not share here as some of the recipients read my blog! ;)

But I will share a couple of great crafting sites I've discovered lately - if you want some inspiration for last minute gifts, try one of these:

Sew Mama Sew - most crafters know this site, but I have had fun looking through it, especially her November posts, in which she lists an entire month's worth of fabric based gift projects. Wow. Lots to inspire you here.

Just Something I Made - This is my favourite new crafting blog - and more than that, it is a wonderful blog full of inspiration for all kinds of creativity. Author Cathe Holden is a graphic designer and has an amazingly creative turn of mind. She shares tons of her graphic work from vintage books and advertisements, free to download, to use for crafts, business logos, blog buttons etc. She just asks that you don't use her images and turn around to sell them. I spent literally hours looking through this site last week! (artsy-crafty button above by Cathe)

Make + Do - I came across the above site due to a random mention on this Canadian Living craft site (which runs all year round as well). There are lots of more traditional crafts here, lots of knitting, which I am hopeless at, but some other good ideas and good links too.

Tomorrow -- back to regular programming with a review of a book on journaling.


  1. I've been horrible, too. I've been feeling chatty, so I've been on the blog and Twitter quite a bit, but my reading is slow going. After The Thirteenth Tale I think I'm in a bit of an awesome-post-read slump. Blarg!

  2. Great links Melanie - and all new to me! thanks

  3. Will you be my PR agent?

    What a super nice feature, thank you so much!!

  4. Andi - at least you have a good reason why you've been a little too busy to spend much time blogging and/or reading! ;)

    Luanne - yes, a crafty person like yourself might really enjoy some of these sites; lots of ideas to work from.

    Cathe - it's easy to be enthusiastic about your work - you have such a zest for creating new things and trying new ideas, it is really inspiring!

  5. I find journaling essential in my life; I've journaled most of my life, from age 5 until today. It's helped me sort out some tough times, but better than that, record the meaningful ones. Now my journals are more important to me than photo albums because they truly capture what I was thinking, feeling, seeing. The only problem becomes where to store them! I can see how they would be invaluable to caregivers, too.

  6. dolcebellezza - your comment ended up on this Xmas post - I know you were reading the next one! Journaling is something I've been doing for years as well and can't imagine NOT doing it. I agree, the storage space becomes a problem, especially if you're as long winded as I can be when talking to myself. ;)


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