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Third Canadian Book Challenge "Favourites" meme

As always, John at the Book Mine Set, host of the excellent Canadian Book Challenge, does things in style. As part of the first review round-up for this year, he has created a series of questions about Canadian literature. Feel free to join in!

Here are my answers, always with the caveat that they might change according to day, mood, new thoughts...

Your Favourites:

1. Favourite Canadian author?

Historical - definitely Lucy Maud Montgomery!
Current - Diane Schoemperlen

2. Favourite Canadian novel?

Emily of New Moon by LMM

3. Favourite Canadian nonfiction?

Modris Eksteins' Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age

4. Favourite Canadian picture book?
Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt

5. Favourite Canadian YA or juvenile chapter book?

I have quite a few; but lately, I have really enjoyed the YA novels of Teresa Toten & Vicki Grant.

6. Favourite Canadian science fiction or fantasy book?

Fantasy for kids: Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R. J. Anderson
Fantasy for adults: The Initiate Brother & Gatherer of Clouds / Sean Russell (I read these 2 books years ago but recall them as very good)
7. Favourite Canadian romantic fiction?

Although she is Welsh, and her books are set in England (Regency romances), Mary Balogh lives in Kipling, Saskatchewan, so she counts as Canadian! I enjoy her books.

8.. Favourite Canadian mystery?

I have to say that I love the whole series of Joanne Kilbourn mysteries by Gail Bowen

9. Favourite Canadian graphic novel?

Well... I haven't read too many, but I agree with John, Chester Brown's bio of Louis Riel is fantastic.

10. Favourite Canadian book blog?

Picking favourites now? Sigh, too hard. Here's a few that I enjoy: John's (of course), Sassymonkey, Bookpuddle, My Tragic Right Hip, Kate's Book Blog, Great White North, and so many more... please don't be offended if I've missed you...

11. Favourite Canadian fictional character?

Anne Shirley & Emily Byrd Starr.

Though I also enjoyed getting to know Audrey Flowers (Come, Thou Tortoise) and found the portrait of the irascible Hagar Shipley (The Stone Angel) pretty compelling.
12. Favourite movie based on a Canadian novel or story?

Whale Music by Paul Quarrington was made into a hilariously weird film. Love it.

13. Favourite Canadian short story?

I Just love dogs / Ethel Wilson

14. Favourite Canadian poet?

Don Coles, at present.

15. Favourite Canadian poem?

Archibald Lampman's Snow, Lorna Crozier's Onions... I can't choose just one.

16. Favourite Canadian play?

Here's one I read recently and enjoyed: Dry Streak by Leeann Minogue

17. Favourite novel by an established Canadian author?
Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin

18. Favourite novel by an up-and-coming Canadian author?

Fairy Ring by Martine Desjardins

19. Favourite Canadian book award?

Gillers. They are the splashiest. I'm also fond of the Saskatchewan book awards, created by the
Saskatchewan Library Association, the Saskatchewan Publishers’ Group and the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild "to celebrate excellence in Saskatchewan writing and publishing."

20. Favourite Canadian publisher?

Favourite little press is Porcupine's Quill, with Coteau coming in close behind.

21. Favourite Canadian humorous book?

Bachelor brothers' bed & breakfast / Bill Richardson

22. Favourite Canadian newspaper?

Sad to say, I don't read the newspaper enough to have a favourite. I guess the National Post online is my most frequently read.

23. Favourite Canadian magazine or journal?

I love Grain magazine, and Room. Others too, but especially those two.

24. Favourite Canadian dystopian novel?

A Scientific Romance by Ronald Wright.

25. Favourite Canadian epistolary novel?

The History of Emily Montague by Frances Brooke. One of the earliest Canadian novels and still very enjoyable


  1. I can't take the challenge, but want to let you know that David Cole is doing interview with Cool Canadian Crime authors once a week on Mystery Fanfare (usually on Mondays). This might be an inappropriate way to let you know, so don't feel obligated to publish this. It's an FYI for readers of Canadian fiction. Thanks.

  2. Lovely, new authors to look for and new blogs to read - thanks, Melanie!

  3. This is a great starting point for newbies to Canadian lit--like me. ;)
    Thanks for this!

  4. Margaret Atwood, Margaret Atwood and Margaret Atwood! Fantastic Author and wonderful storyteller.

  5. I always love reading your Canadian favorites. I learn something every time (and my TBR list gets a little longer.) Thank you for this meme -- I'm usually not crazy about them but this one was great!

  6. We have a few similar favourites. I like Morag Gunn over Hagar Shipley and I adore Lorna Crozier's poetry.

  7. Great choices, and thanks for adding so many links!

  8. Leeann Minogue9/20/2009 03:58:00 pm

    I'm so happy to see Dry Streak on your list! I'm glad you read it and liked it!

  9. Aw thank you for the mention!

    I am woefully deficient when it comes to reading Canadian fiction. Next year I'm going to try and do a Canadian Book Challenge.


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