Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lively Links

As I've been reading so much Penelope Lively recently, I have began researching her online. She has a new book coming out this fall, entitled Family Album (which I am looking forward to greatly). This has increased mentions of her in various newspapers and so here are a few of the most interesting links I've come across in the last while:

Interview at The Guardian (July 25/09)

Her envy-creating writing space (Guardian, 2007)

Talking about herself as a reader, and then a writer (Guardian, 2004)

(A)musing about Rules (a restaurant) and Rosamond Lehmann

2008 lecture at Yale, (it's an hour long) about reading history and writing fiction, in conjunction with David McCullough -- fascinating look at history, memory, the art of fiction writing and libraries! Quote: "Libraries are notorious hotbeds of romance". :)

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  1. Thanks for providing so much information on Lively. I only recently discovered her through her book Consequences and I loved it. I just added The Photograph and a few others to the TBR pile.

    Great blog.


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