Friday, December 26, 2008

Martel-Harper Challenge

Another challenge to continue in 2009!
I'm so delighted to hear that Rebecca from Rebecca Reads is adopting Dewey's challenge to read books recommended by Yann Martel to Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. This challenge is dear to me, as I've been following along with Martel's list from the start, considering it is my Prime Minister we are talking about! (unfortunately...)

The rules are this:

To join for first quarter 2009, commit to read and review two books from the Martel-Harper challenge list between January 1, 2009 and March 31, 2009. You can choose the books now or as you go.

Because Martel chooses a book every 2 weeks I am sure I will end up reading more than two, but you never know.... The ones I have on tap presently are:

Metamorphosis / Kafka
Kreutzer Sonata / Tolstoy
Meditations / Marcus Aurelius

I may read these or may choose others. But I will be reading both the books and the wonderful letters Martel encloses with each.


  1. Good luck! You have an ambitious list - especially the Kafka - I never could get through it! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. I have read your three choices, they are all excellent reads. I'm doing this too. I found To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf and
    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee in my stacks so I'm starting with those and will read more as I can. I'm doing a lot of challenges. Happy reading.

  3. Thanks for "joining," although I do realize you've been doing this longer than I have!

    I know the list is growing two a month, but because there are so many challenges people participate in, I think it makes sense to keep the "official" challenge two a quarter. I look forward to reading your thoughts on those books!

    I've been delighted a few times in the past three months to see that Martel has chosen books that I've read--I'm actually in the middle of Borges right now when I checked and that was the most recent one!

    That helps me get them read...

  4. Sandra - I've read those two - hope you enjoy!!

    Rebecca - good idea to keep it short and sweet! There are so many Challenges to join in on; but it is much more fun to follow along this list with others, so thanks! I love it when he chooses a book I've already read. :)

  5. Bah! Skip the Kafka. I read it and was disappointed. I can only hope "The Trial" proves to be more my style.


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