Saturday, December 27, 2008

First lines meme

I did this meme last year and enjoyed its reflection of the year's blogging trends. So just for the heck of it I'll do it again; feel free to join in and try it yourself - but leave a comment so we can see yours too!

The idea is to list the first sentence of each month's first post. Here are mine:

Yes, another Challenge which is irresistible!

Another volume chosen by Yann Martel; somehow I don't think the Prime Minister will be getting to it, even though this book carries Martel's message most clearly - how literature is valuable in all areas of life, by virtue of its training of the imagination.

[Treading Water] is my choice for British Columbia, for the Canadian Book Challenge -- which, I might say has been a challenge far more interesting and indepth than the insipid Canada Reads debates this week.

Just like last year, I am celebrating National Poetry Month.

I've really been enjoying National Poetry Month this year; all the different types of poetry I've been reading (old and new, by men, by women, Canadians and others) are just sloshing around together in my brain.

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I've posted...busy busy this week.

I'm back in Canada and finally back at a computer, so time for a quick share of some of the things I've seen lately!

As I am once again travelling this week, I'm just going to check in by answering a couple of general questions -- I'll write more in a few days about specific questions on the specific books we've mentioned.

[Three bags full] is a short, delightful mystery featuring a flock of 19 sheep living in Glenkill, Ireland.

This week, the WG theme is to list your top books published in 2008.

I'm so pleased with the election results in the US!

Talking about 2009's Science Book Challenge made me realize I hadn't yet reviewed my 3rd choice for the 08 challenge!

A fair approximation of the year's activities: beginning and ending with Challenges, a lot of travelling in the middle and a sprinkling of both poetry and book reviews. And then the one exception in November which was not about books at all, but impossible to ignore. :)
This meme is a fun way to look back on the year's output, but I certainly wish I was more given to clever witticisms and bon mots than I apparently am from this list!


  1. Fun thing to do. Yours tells a story in a way. I looked at mine and they really are dull.

  2. This is a great idea! Loved reading yours.

  3. Oh. Have to try it on my blog.

  4. Hey Melanie,

    I just put up the first (and last) lines of the months on my blog. Great idea!

    Happy new year!


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