Sunday, August 31, 2008

All about Challenges

Thinking about my choices for the RIP challenge made me also think about how many Challenges I have underway and half done at present. This is a round-up post for me, to remind myself of everything I must read in the last quarter of this year! To recap:

Russian Reading Challenge
have read:

Death and the Penguin / Andrey Kurkov
The State Counsellor / Boris Akunin
Spirit of the Times / Olena Pchilka & Nataliya Kobrynska

must read:
1 more

Short Story Challenge
have read:

Blackouts / Craig Boyko
Spirit of the Times / Olena Pchilka & Nataliya Kobrynska
The Gipsy's Baby / Rosamond Lehmann

must read:
7 more collections of short stories

Science Book Challenge

have read:

Miss Leavitt's Stars / George Johnson

must read:

2 more

Chunkster Challenge

have read: 0!
must read: 4

Annie's What's in a Name Challenge
have read:
Blackouts / Craig Boyko (colour in title)
Death and the Penguin / Andrey Kurkov (animal in title)
The Solitude of Thomas Cave / Georgina Harding (personal name in title)
The House in Paris / Elizabeth Bowen (place in title)
Sunlight on a broken column / Attia Hossain (weather event in title)
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose / Lauren Willig (plant in title)

must read:
Hey, I'm done! Yay!

And now my newer Challenges, the Canadian Book Challenge (have read 2 of 13 so far) and the RIP III (just beginning).

Think that's it. Whew!


  1. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't started the Chunkster Challenge.

  2. So of all these great books, which have been your favorite so far?

  3. I know reading isn't a competitive event, but you're doing so much better than me for the Short Story and Russian challenge.

    Good luck completing them all.

  4. Duck Thief - yes, aren't we going to have fun reading 4 chunksters in the next 4 months? ;)

    Dark Orpheus - well, I'm not moving to a new country and packing up all my books; makes things easier! Plus I've read 2 short and fun new Russian books, but have barely touched War & Peace!

    Verbivore - actually, I've liked all of these so far. I'd say that The Solitude of Thomas Cave and Death & the Penguin were quite memorable, for different reasons, but really they have all been good reads.

  5. I need one more for the Russian reading challenge as well. I've been wanting something newer, so I'm noting your choices.


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