Friday, March 14, 2008

To Buy a Book

Just a quick announcement -- my husband and I have moved our collection (which used to reside in our bricks and mortar bookshop, Chumley & Pepys Used Books) online to This is an online bookseller's collective, smaller than the better known ABE or Amazon, and is based in Kentucky. We feel they do a great job of book retailing, as well as supporting a charity building libraries in Bolivia. Also they have a wonderful newsletter of interest to bibliophiles.

Use the search box in the sidebar to search all of Biblio, or go to and look for Chumley & Pepys to view our specific inventory. I'm thrilled to be part of this!


  1. I just found the Chumley and Pepys blog! What a lovely read. I had no idea you were a bookseller in your off hours.

  2. Wait, what?

    So, not only are you a librarian you also sell books? I think I'm quite jealous now.

  3. It's true; I can never escape from books. (cue evil laughter...)


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