Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eat up your favourite books

This is very cute -- the International Edible Book Festival. It's held on or near April 1 every year; I was reminded of it because a library in a town down the road from me is participating. The idea is to make something edible inspired by a favourite book, or just the idea of books in general. Here are some samples:

What kind of food item would you make? I'm thinking perhaps a Bundt cake with a doll in the middle, iced like the antebellum skirts of Scarlett O'Hara... or maybe a stack of millefeuille pastry, decorated to appear like individual books of a TBR pile... this could be fun.


  1. That looks really cool! Unfortunately, I am a poor cook, so I have no idea what I would make. But I know I would want to consume them all!

  2. Oh, I'd so have to make something with pastry, iced to look like an old leather-bound book with ragged pages.


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