Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mysterious FREE books!

Ok, this is enough to force me into breaking my blog silence...

Check out HarperCollins' new contest, March Mystery Madness. It is amazing; a sports-inspired match-up of mysteries of all kinds, running throughout March. You vote for the mysteries you prefer, you enter a contest to win ALL 64 BOOKS! Yes, that's right, sixty-four. As in four more than sixty, six less than seventy - any way you look at it, a LOT of books! If you are a mystery fan, you will love this one. Here's what they're telling us to do:
Every week the landscape of the tournament will have changed, a new round will begin, and the voting will continue until only one book remains. By choosing the winners in each weekly match-up, you’ll both be a part of choosing our 2008 champion and earn chances to win the ultimate prize: all 64 books entered in the tournament.

It's run by HarperCollins Canada, as far as I can tell. Not sure about the rules as to who can enter and win... maybe someone at HarperCollins will let us know!
Addendum ** The contest appears to be for Canadians only...sorry, everyone else!


  1. It's HarperCollins Canada (yes!) and any Canadian can enter (yes!), but you have to vote first (yes!) because the contest link is hidden after the poll!

  2. Sixty-four?? That's a lot of books. I wonder how much it costs them to ship to you! Too bad I'm not a mystery reader, or I would absolutely jump on this!

  3. Thanks for pointing that out! I'm not sure I'll win as I live in the U.S. but it was fun. I am looking for some contemporary mystery writers who are similar to Agatha Christie and PD James in terms of good writing, plot and interesting detectives (and not too gory). Do you have any ideas or recommendations? Thanks, LK

  4. LK - oh, boy, I'll have to think about that! I really like Earlene Fowler's Benni Harper mysteries and Gail Bowen's Joanne Kilbourne series, but I'm not sure they're exactly right for comparisons to Christie. I'll think further.


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