Friday, January 04, 2008

Short Story Reading Challenge

Yes, another Challenge which is irresistible! I'm joining Kate's Short Story Reading Challenge - over the last year I've become particularly enamoured with short stories, and I know already there are a few collections I am going to be reading in 2008. So I am joining in on her very flexible challenge, and am taking Option 3 (or 4) : to read 10 collections of short fiction over the year (option 4 is to make all these by authors new to you - I'll give it a try but I know I want to read ten in either case).

I want to read some of the collections I already own, or can pick up at the library. Here are a few I'm thinking of reading (although I know I'll be picking more up as I come across them all year) :

1. We are not in Pakistan / Shauna Singh Baldwin

2. Blackouts / Craig Boyko

6. The Devastating Boys / Elizabeth Taylor

7. The Stories of Nabokov / Vladimir Nabokov

8. Alice Munro - something, I'm not sure what yet
9. Pleased to meet you / Caroline Adderson (on Kate's recommendation)

10. Something gothic and ghostly for the RIP challenge this fall; either Isak Dinesen or Elizabeth Gaskell's gothic stories, or perhaps Robertson Davies' collection of ghost stories.


  1. It looks like you will have some good short story reading ahead of you. :-)

  2. Ohhh-I didn't realise that Nabokov wrote shot stories. Hmmmm...

  3. Literary Feline - yes, I'm looking forward to reading some great short stories this year!

    Eva - after I just read Nabokov's "Lectures on Literature" I really want to read some of his fiction, so this fits in beautifully.

  4. You have some great choices there, Melanie! I'd be particularly interested in Women's Voices from Ukrainian Literature and the Ivan Bunin stories. I have a volume of his stories, read it about four years ago and liked it very much. I've been meaning to read more of Bunin, but other books got in the way. I can reread it for the Russian Reading Challenge, though, that would be a nice motivation!

    I have been reading lots of reading lists for the Short Stories Challenge and I am starting to seriously consider joining!

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