Saturday, January 12, 2008

Science Literacy for a new year

As Litbloggers, we all have a high regard for literacy. We understand the importance of being able to function in a text-based world. But beyond basic literacy, even beyond basic numeracy, there is a special focus on Scientific Literacy at Bearcastle, a wonderfully intelligent and wide-ranging blog I read regularly. The bloggers at Bearcastle run a company called Ars Hermeneutica, focused on encouraging widespread scientific literacy. Their current big project is the Sun Truck. This is a travelling educational exhibit designed to entice kids to get excited about science. As they say,

Targeted at pre-teens and their parents, The Sun Truck will awaken a sense of wonder and excitement in people who think that science has no personal relevance for them. We invite our visitors to see science for themselves and to know the natural world through their own senses. We encourage everyone to explore what is all around us each and every day. We want to show kids and adults first hand what science is and how it works. We want to enrich lives and empower citizens by opening minds to science as something that everyone can understand. The Sun Truck pilot program will deploy two mobile observatories across Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Together they will take 150 week-long visits to neighborhoods throughout the region, bringing a fresh, first-hand look at science within sight of 2 million people.

To build up a well educated and scientifically literate nation, they need help. If you are at all interested in this idea, pop over to their site, take a look, and spread the word. Or donate time, talent or money to their pursuits!

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