Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Related News: Science Book Challenge!

My rash, excessive and exuberant joining of challenges in the last few weeks has had an unexpected effect: it has spawned a new and fascinating challenge which I now must be a part of. It's the Science Book Challenge, hosted by Bearcastle, who is a newbie to the book challenge world. As part of his company Ars Hermeneutica, besides the previously mentioned Sun Truck project, there is a great area of his website called Book Notes; this challenge wants people to contribute to that area. If you like reading science-related books, of any kind, join up and check out some of the book notes which already exist on his site.

Here are The Rules to the challenge:

1. Read three nonfiction books this year related to the theme "Living a Rational Life", broadly construed. Each book should have something to do with science, how science operates, or science's relationship with its surrounding culture. The books might be popularizations of science, they might be history, they might be biography, they might be anthologies.

2. After you've read it, write a short note about the book; 500 words would suffice. What goes in the note? The things you would tell a friend if you wanted to convince said friend to read it, too. Naturally, you can read some of the existing Book Notes for ideas.
Don't worry if you find that you've read a book someone else has also read; we welcome multiple notes on one title.

3. Get your book note to me and I'll post it with the other Book Notes in that section at Science Besieged.

4. Tell two other people about The Science-Book Challenge.

Well, three books this year I think I can do! And with all the fiction I've taken on lately, it's good to be prodded to keep reading something in the non-fiction realms as well.


  1. Ohhh-I'm signing up for this one as well! I wish there were more non-fic reading challenges. :)

  2. Oh, interesting! I have a few science books I'd like to read; I'll have to think about this.


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