Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Literary Doppelgangers

For your amusement:

Here's a friend of mine dressed up like Margaret Atwood for a Come-as-your-favourite-literary-figure party. Shaving would have made the resemblance really eerie!
Who would you go as?


  1. Wow -- the similarity is frightening! :)

  2. I love that he didn't even bother to shave.

  3. Visiting from Dixie's blog...

    That is hysterically funny and, as you mentioned, eerie.

  4. Oh my. Hilarious!

    I would go as Neil Gaiman. Just need black T-shirt (check), black jacket (check), sunglasses (check)

    Of course, I look nothing like Gaiman. But why should that stop me? :)

  5. I love this picture.
    I like your Neil Gaiman idea, Dark Orpheus. My husband has a great Hunter S. Thompson getup - oversize Hawaiian shirt, white hat, huge dark glasses - it's quite funny. Now I really want to have a party like this!

  6. That is pretty funny! And I also love that he didn't bother to shave.

  7. LOL!! What a fun party idea. I would have gone as Edith Wharton, complete with two little dogs.

  8. Wow. You've made me wonder who I most look like.
    Well, sad to say, I would be probably be going as Truman Capote.
    No, but seriously, I don't know that I have any resemblance to any literary personage.


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