Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Annie's "What's in A Name" Challenge

This Challenge has been on the horizon for a while and I looked at it repeatedly but was quite convinced that I'd taken on enough Challenges for the next year. However, as I see more participants' lists, and realize that double-Challenge books are permitted, I'm irretrievably tempted. There are quite a few books I could use for more than one Challenge, plus this just sounds so random and so entertaining. Besides, it runs the entire year -- there's no reason I couldn't do it, right? So with great humility I will eat my words and I will take on JUST ONE MORE CHALLENGE!

So, over to Annie-the-amazing-10-yr-old's random categories:

Book with a Colour in the Title:

White / Marie Darrieussecq (from my Polar Reading list)
The Golden Notebook / Doris Lessing

Book with an Animal in the Title:

Death and the Penguin / Andrey Kurkov (this is a choice for the Russian Reading Challenge as well)
Turtle Valley / Gail Anderson Dargatz (pick for the Canadian Book Challenge)

Book with a First Name in the Title:

Anna Karenina / Tolstoy (Russian Reading Challenge again, obviously!)
The Solitude of Thomas Cave / Georgina Harding (from my Polar Reading list)

Book with a Place in the Title:

Skating to Antarctica / Jenny Diski (Polar Reading again)
The House in Paris / Elizabeth Bowen (for the Outmoded Authors challenge)

Book with a Weather Event in the Title:

The Ice Child / Elizabeth McGregor (Polar reading)
Sunlight on a broken column / Attia Hosain (sunlight is kind of weatherish, I think)

Book with a Plant in the Title:

Seduction of the Crimson Rose / Lauren Willig (because this 4th book in one of my favourite fun series is coming out in Spring 2008 and I know I'll read it as quick as I can)
The Wife Tree / Dorothy Speak


  1. Thank you for joining in the challenge! I hope you fun!


  2. The Elizabeth Bowen book sounds really interesting...


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