Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Lines Meme

Here's a meme I saw Danielle and Kate do this week, and it is intriguing to look back at this time of year, so I'll give it a go also. The purpose of this one is to post the first lines from each month's first post, and see what results.

January: Audrey Thomas' Graven Images is one of those books that just appeared in my collection somehow; I was intrigued enough to read it, even though I'd never heard of it.

February: I've somehow watched three British literary adaptations in the last week or so; could explain why I haven't been posting here or even catching up on my various Challenge books!

March: Here is a meme I found posted by Bookfool.

April: Ah, April. It's enchanting, and what better way to enjoy it than through poetry?

May: As I was just mentioning a few posts back, writer Yann Martel is sending our Prime Minister a book every two weeks, hoping that he may read one and gain some appreciation of what the arts can do in our lives.

June: Hi all; it's a busy week for me here.

July: My recent reading of Frances Itani's new book has got me thinking about all the Canadian novels I've read featuring older women looking back at their lives.

August: Due to popular demand, here is one of my favourite foods to eat, explained.

September: I've just heard with sadness the news of Madeleine L'Engle's death. (Sept. 6, 2007)

October: I am sorry that I've been away from my blog for a while; family things happen that require one's full attention.

November: This is the latest collection of short stories by Canadian literary doyenne P.K. Page.

December: After much beginning and re-beginning, after putting this book on a couple of Challenge lists(Carl's RIP II, my personal Polar Reading list), I have FINALLY finished reading this 102 page novella.

Hmm, very strange, I seem to be fond of making excuses for not posting. And when I do post it's all about my reading (except my wild and crazy foray into food in August...) A few challenges make their appearance, as well as another meme. A pretty accurate overview of the year's writing, spookily enough.


  1. I like this mem and am wondering what my results would be. I may have to play along.

  2. My first lines make it sound like I never read! It's funny how people tend to be apologetic about not posting regularly, surely no one minds, but it's hard not feeling guilty for some reason!

  3. This meme is fun -- I might try it soon. It's cool how so often it's a good indication of what your writing is like and what your interests are.

  4. That's fun. I laughed at January. Funny how books manage to just appear in our houses without us really knowing how they got there :) If you are ever in Minneapolis, give Pizza Luce's vegan "Muff" a try. Very tasty.


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