Sunday, December 02, 2007

And speaking of the Poles...

As I'm on the theme of the Poles, and Christmas just happens to coming up, how about giving a polar bear for Christmas? You can do so at the WWF's Polar Bear Central, a site which also has an amazing array of information on WWF's work in the Arctic, ecards, fun stuff to download etc.

Or check out Polar Bears International's lively website and gift shop.

You can shop at the Canadian Wildlife Federation's site; one of their many projects is to help protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska by supporting the Canadian government's opposition to development of the ANWR. There's also the Alaska Wilderness League, an American group determined to protect Alaska's wild spaces.

In association with IPY, there's a group of artists who are celebrating the centennial of the first navigation of the Northwest Passage at Arctic Quest. Take a look if you want to see original art intended to focus attention on the beauty and fragility of the Arctic ecosystem, or want to support their charitable efforts in education.


  1. And speaking of the polar bears...

    If you ever have the opportunity, visit Churchill, Manitoba and go on a tundra buggy to see the bears. It was one of the most surreal and wonderful experiences of my life, and perhaps the greatest tourism attraction Canada has to offer (IMHO).

  2. John - how envious I am! I've always thought that would be an amazing trip to make. Maybe I should try to do it before the polar bears disappear from lack of habitat.


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