Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter confessions

I did it; I caved and bought myself a copy. I really wanted to read it before anyone told me the ending, and I know someone who would be delighted to do so. Well, it was ok. I am glad it is the last in the series and the hype will die down, hopefully. I'm not going to post a review, as I know everyone who is interested will have read it also. I'll just share my general take on it, in doggerel:

I think it is quite silly
To kill off, willy-nilly
Those characters we've come to love
For no more reason than 'just because'

As you can tell, I would have preferred fewer deaths. In fact, I may have to white out the name of one of the poor dead characters near the end and replace it with the name of someone else I'd rather have died... Anyhow, it's all done and I actually read it without hearing a single spoiler. Yay!


  1. LOL You had me laughing with your idea of whiting out a character's name who died and putting in the name of someone you would have preferred to have seen dead. I can suggest a few myself. ;-)

  2. I just watched Harry Potter 5. It was quite good, my favourite of the Potter movies. Watching the kids act used to be painful but now they seem to have relaxed into their roles.


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