Friday, April 06, 2007

Here a challenge, there a challenge

I've been looking around at some of the many challenges underway at present, and I want to do them all! Carl's Once upon a Time challenge sounds so tempting; I love fantasy and would really enjoy getting to some of the books I keep meaning to read. And the By the Decades challenge is a great concept; as Clifton Fadiman once said, whether you read only new books or only old ones, either way you're dated. With this challenge you keep current with the old and the new! The Spring Reading Thing and the Non-Fiction Five are also making me think of books I have on the bottom of various stacks. But alas, reading material is infinite, while time is all too finite. I am still working on my Chunkster Challenge (sadly neglected of late), and with work and various and sundry other duties, I don't think I can committ to any more reading assignments quite yet. I am eagerly checking out everyone's challenge lists, though, and adding still more ideas to my "To find and read someday" list. I await reviews...

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