Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is your I.Q.?

This week on the CBC, there was a nationwide "I.Q. test". Never mind that I.Q. testing has been shown to be biased in so many ways, the CBC was going to test the nation! You could go to their website and try the test yourself beforehand (which I did) and despite the time limits on all the questions it was rather fun. When you signed up, you had to provide all sorts of info, like how old are you, what gender, which zodiac sign, favourite sport to watch (they didn't have a 'none of the above', too bad), and my favourite, are you omnivore, vegetarian or vegan? This was my favourite question because in the choices, they asked "are you VEGETERIAN?" Now, perhaps I'm being picky, but you'd think that in a national I.Q. test they'd at least try to get their spelling correct! Anyhow, it made me laugh, which is all that counts I guess. Oh yes, the final results from the tv program : the group of surgeons outdid everyone else. And there was no group of librarians tested; I see a special event at the next CLA conference!

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