Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Sniffling Reader

I've caught a cold. It's one of those spring colds, nasty and short (I hope!). I've even stayed home from work today, something I don't do too often. In between dozing I've been reading bits of the various books I have underway. Does anyone else find it difficult to read when you're sick? When I feel so muddle-headed I find it hard to concentrate, so I've fallen back on my favourite reading for when I have a short attention span - cookbooks. I now own about eighty of them (cookbook buying moratorium in effect...) and I like to pick a few to skim through, imagining what I'll make when I actually have an appetite again. Allowing that I am a vegetarian, some of my choices today have been my new Deepak Chopra that my husband picked up for me last week, and the always entertaining La Dolce Vegan. I've also been skimming through a couple issues of the Vegetarian Times which I brought home from the library. I'll most likely just make my favourite non-chicken soup for dinner though; it's easy and it gets rid of colds. But my grocery list looks more exciting than it has for a while!

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