Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Winter Reading book challenge

Here's a book challenge I found on Overdue Books. It suits me at present, now that I have at least 50 books that used to be in our bookshop added to my "to be read" shelf ( or, should I say my TBR bookcase...) . My current choice of 5 books to read by Jan. 30/07 is as follows:

1. Dusty Answer / Rosamond Lehmann
2. The Seal wife / Kathryn Harrison
3. Graven images / Audrey Thomas
4. Miss Marjoribanks / Mrs. Oliphant
5. The Odd women / George Gissing

I had to choose some kind of theme to narrow things down, so I seem to have chosen 5 novels with a strong female presence. Happy reading!

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