Monday, October 16, 2006

Birthday ruminations

It's funny that one day can make such a difference to your identity. I am now no longer part of the coveted 18-34 age bracket. Sigh. Now on the wrong side of 30 and heading for that senior's discount pretty quickly...
With the extended adolescence that our society seems to foster, I really feel like I'm finally an adult. Why is 34 considered similar to 18?? It boggles the mind. When I think of myself at 18 it's as if I'm looking at a distantly related person from the past. There is so much that is different; and yet, those differences must come slowly, incrementally, from day to day. It is only when you pause to look mindfully at what is happening that you realize all the alterations that have been made. Growth is a good thing, and I hope to be more aware of the changes that begin with this new year. It's a good time to focus and decide to grow.

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