Saturday, August 05, 2006

Theatrical occasion

I am a big reader (you may have noticed this). But I have developed over the last few years into a big theatre fan as well. I enjoy the luxury of being able to attend wonderful theatre at the Stratford Festival pretty regularly. There's always something to see, and I try my best to see as much as I can. This year my favourite is "The Glass Menagerie". I have never enjoyed Tennessee Williams very much; perhaps seeing innumerable high school productions of this play put me off it a little. But, seeing it as performed by an absolutely stellar cast transforms it. It is moving, bringing you to laughter and tears. I must make a special mention of the extraordinary performance of Steven Sutcliffe as Tom. He is absolutely enthralling and creates such a sympathetic Tom that I could watch it over and over. Well, alright, I have. Five times. And ok, Seana McKenna is also exemplary. Oh, what the heck, so are Matthew MacFadzean and Sara Topham. Also - try to see "London Assurance". What fun! Brian Bedford, Seana McKenna (again), Brian Tree, and numerous other fabulous and experienced actors bring a delightfully over the top play to life. Those are my reviews for now. Hopefully I will have a chance to see some of the other highly recommended productions, ie: Harlem Duet, The Duchess of Malfi etc. and pass on my take on those too.

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