Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Categorizing ideas or things?

So my husband read my first post. And laughed. I am not exactly famous for my organizational skills around the house. Alright, I am messy. But I do have a very tidy, alphabetically organized spice drawer. It's a beautiful thing.
My excuse is that I am more interested in classifying information than physical objects. All the facts I hold in my head are categorized and easily retrievable. When we are doing a crossword or playing along with Jeopardy! my trivia retrieval skills are quite useful.
However, my real reasoning for the fact that he puts things away and I pile things up is that (self-categorization ahead) I am a right-brain organizer. According to Lee Silber in his book "Organizing from the right side of the Brain", you are a right-brain person if you can say yes to at least one of the following statements:
1. You prefer to pile rather than file your papers
2. You like leaving things out where you can see them
3. You save everything just in case you might need it...someday
4. You like having a lot going on in your life all at once
5. You frequently misplace keys, glasses, and other loose little items

Being so typically Libran, I must keep a balance; I say Yes to 2, No to 2, and half a Yes to one.
So now I have an excuse...if only the left-brainers around me will buy it!

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