Thursday, August 06, 2020

Translation Thursday

It's Translation Thursday! Each Thursday this month I'm going to share the translation I'm currently reading plus a few more on my reading list. Here's today's list:

Currently Reading:

Desire for Chocolate / Care Santos;
trans. from the Catalan  by Julie Wark
Richmond UK: Alma Books, 2015
340 p.

To Read:
Garden by the Sea / Merce Rodoreda
trans. from Catalan by Martha Tennent & Maruxo Relano
Rochester, NY: Open Letter, 2020, c1967.
203 p.

A Short Cut to Paradise / Teresa Solana
trans. from Catalan by Peter Bush
London, UK: Bitter Lemon, 2011.
310 p.

Four by Four / Sara Mesa
trans. from Spanish by Katie Whittemore
Open Letter, 2020, c2012.
241 p.


  1. "Desire for Chocolate" intrigues me, and I'll look forward to hearing more about that one when you're done with it. By coincidence, I have a close Catalan friend (and her American husband), and I lived a few years in Richmond, England. So, the cover just jumped out at me.

    1. Interesting!! I'm quite enjoying it now, after a bit of a slow start.

  2. Desire for Chocolate intrigues me as well and I'd like to learn more about this novel. I hope you're enjoying the book.

    1. Yes, mostly 🙂 I will be sharing my thoughts soon.


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