Friday, June 15, 2018

A Year of Monumental CanBook Challenge Reading!

What are these logos all about? This year's theme! 

This year we're going to be all about monumental Roadside Attractions; last year we were speed reading along our highways and byways, this year we're going to slow down and check out some of the oversized attractions along the way. 

We'll be crossing Canada in our literature and in the levels you'll reach as you read. As you read this year, you'll advance along a series of roadside attractions from every province and territory, east to west and back again -- it was hard to pick just one for each, so if you have a favourite from your area, feel free to highlight it in the comments as well. 

We have two logo buttons this year: choose the one you like and use it on your blog, review posts, or social media. Both use the same background, found at Large Roadside Attractions of Canada.

If you're intrigued by these monuments, check out Large Roadside Attractions of Canada for hundreds more. 

Here are our reading levels:

1 - O'Leary Potato (PEI)
2 - Nackawic Axe (New Brunswick)
3 - Cape Breton Fiddle (Nova Scotia)
4 - Glover's Harbour Giant Squid (Newfoundland & Labrador)
5 - Montreal Milk Bottle (Quebec)
6 - Sudbury Nickel (Ontario)
7 - Gimli Viking (Manitoba)
8 - Moose Jaw Moose (Saskatchewan)
9 - Vegreville Pysanka (Alberta)
10 - Duncan Hockey Stick (British Columbia)
11 - Whitehorse Mammoths (Yukon)
12 - Yellowknife Mosquito (Northwest Territories)
13 - Rankin Inlet Inuksuk (Nunavut)


  1. Looking forward to year 12!
    Thanks for continuing to host year 2 ! ...

  2. Hi there, all,

    I made it to 190/13.

    Yay me!!!!!

    I welcome a new year of reading!

    Irene Roth

  3. Thanks for hosting another year: I'm busily choosing my theme (which is entirely unnecessary, I know, but I love booklists).

    1. Ha, yes, unnecessary but so much fun to make. I always enjoy your themes!


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