Friday, December 29, 2017

Challenges Past, Challenges Ahead

I don't know what happened this year: I read far less than usual and missed participating in some challenges that I've read along with for years. Oh well, things do happen! Here is the roundup of 2017 Challenges

Challenges Done:

I started off the year with a week long Diverse-A-Thon Challenge, as reading more diversely is on my mind as a practice I need to be more consistent with. I read:

and I started Love, Anger, Madness by Marie Vieux-Chauvet (I've read Love but haven't reviewed it yet, and have the other two novellas ahead to read this year)

I also spent the month of August focusing on #WIT, or Women In Translation Month. This is one of my favourite activities, and this year I read and reviewed 5 books during August (3 Italian, 1 Japanese, and 1 Dutch author) You can see all my reviews in my August posts.

I kept reading for my Century of Books Challenge, though admittedly it did get sidelined a bit with all my other reading going on. Although it started as a two year challenge, I am now just reading until I finish it, whenever that may be. 

This year I read my way up to a total of 79 titles with quite a few still needing to be reviewed, so 21 left to read this year! And with that reading I completed my first decade: the 30s.

I also officially signed up for the Classics Club this year but have only read 2/50 possible titles so far! Time to get cracking.

I read The Diviners by Margaret Laurence & A Game of Hide and Seek by Elizabeth Taylor. Lots left to read ;)

And of course I kept reading for the 10th Annual Canadian Book Challenge, and met my personal goal of 13 Canadian titles read and reviewed each month. Whew! I really slowed down when I took over as host of the 11th Annual Canadian Book Challenge, having read and reviewed only 4 titles since July!

Challenges to Come:

My reading challenge goals for 2018:

Of course I'll continue reading for the 11th Canadian Book Challenge which runs July 1 - July 1 -- and you can still join us! Anyone can sign up anytime, if you think you can read and review 13 Canadian books in the time you have left.  Or sign up for the 12th when it's announced on July 1st this year :)

Reading as many titles for the Century of Books as possible (hopefully finishing this year!)

 Reading more Women in Translation all year long, but especially in August.

 And reading for the Classics Challenge -- aim to get at least 10 read this year.


And what about you? Do you take on reading challenges or projects? Do you find they inspire more reading or reader's block? Sometimes I do find that I read less when I feel compelled, even by myself! Will try to overcome that tendency this year and read, read, read.


  1. Melwyk, your reading related ambitiousness inspires me, although I participate in very few reading challenges. These challenges do sound appealing. But I am at the point in my "reading career" that I just want to read for my own pleasure, not necessarily for posting.

    1. I think a lot of people are feeling that way -- I certainly didn't talk about all 157 books I read this year. Sometimes you just want to read for the sake of it.

  2. I didn't do so well with my reading challenges this year but that's not going to keep me from joining more next year. Haha... Hope you enjoy your challenges and hope you have a great reading year ahead!

    1. Me either! I look at these challenges as suggestions, or themes. A way to focus on one area, but never to the exclusion of anything else I feel like reading!


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