Sunday, June 25, 2017

Discovering Canadian Books

What should I read for the Canadian Book Challenge?, you may be asking yourself. Fear not, there are so many places to find great suggestions for your challenge titles. 

My #1 Suggestion: The Book Mine Set

John Mutford created and ran the Canadian Book Challenge for its first 10 years, and he has fabulous year-end review roundups that you can spend hours clicking through for reviews and suggestions.
Find them all here. 

Want a few more options? Try these:

  • 49th Shelf - their tag line is: " is the largest collection of Canadian books on the Internet—and an amazing way to discover your next great read.
  • CBC Books - the bookish arm of our national broadcaster.
  • Your local library (if you are Canadian, especially)
  • Many, many Canadian book blogs. Too many to name. If you have favourites, please share them in the comments!
  • And of course, all the other participants' lists as we go along, and the reviews already on our blogs - you can search for any previous Canadian reading when you find someone who shares your tastes.

What are your favourite CanLit resources?


  1. I've been trying to join in on this for the past three years, but my "mini--reviews" (which John confirmed qualified) are always 1-3 years behind. Any chance I could use those in this year's challenge, when I get them posted? Of course, I would stick to a one-year reading period. ????

    1. Hi Debbie, if you want to join and review books that you've read previously but not yet reviewed, feel free! The books should be read and/or reviewed from July 1 2017 to July 1 2018. Hope that helps!


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